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    Airport of the mexico cityThanks RentalUp you can rent a comfortable car just arrived at Benito Juarez. The service allow you to find your vehicle just arrived at the airport Benito Juarez in Mexico City.

    In this way, you can decide where to go and what to visit: be you, only you, to be the only architects of your holiday. The stress of public transport becomes a distant memory, you can simply get in the car and head up the steps there to the wonders of the city which is located eight miles east from the airport.

    Monuments in Mexico City

    food of MexicoMexico City is located in the southeast of Mexico, in the foresters district . Here lives a fifth of the Mexican population and the wonders to discover that are a lot. The monuments are many. Everyone knows about the tall skyscrapers: real jewels of the art of the early 1900s: the most important is "La Nacional", a skyscraper taller than 50 meters, built in just two years (1930-1932). "La Nacional" was the most impressive building across the state until 1946 when it was built the "Corcuera," of thirty meters higher. On the "Paseo de La Reforma" then you can see the Torre "El Moro", with a height of over 80 meters and that, around 1950, it became the "Tower of Latin America" because of its leadership in the South the continent.

    Not only skyscrapers, : the culture is a key element of the Mexican population. In Mexico City, you can get lost in the vast Central Library of UNAM, where, just at the entrance, one is enchanted by the spectacular and dazzling paintings of Juan O'Gordan plastic. Museums and Cathedrals can not miss: the first we can mention the National Museum of Anthropology, a flagship of anthropological culture worldwide. Then there is the Museum of the "Templo Mayor", which is located in the heart of the city: Here you can see the ancient ruins and the remains of the ancient temple. The Cathedral of Mexico City is definitely the hub of all faiths Mexican, an imposing structure, also located in the downtown. The building is constructed in gray quarry and you can admire five aisles.

    As already mentioned, it is the main church of the Archdiocese Mexican, entirely dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The most interesting point is definitely the façade with three beautiful white marble statues representing the three theological virtues: faith, virtue and charity. Inside one is dazzled by the glitter of the altar of the "Three Kings". The altar is decorated with two paintings of inestimable value representing, in this case, the Assumption and the other the gift of the three Magi.The city is, then, full of squares and monuments, many of these references are home to Catholicism, deeply rooted in this land.

    Entertainment and leisure in Mexico City

    One of the symbols is the Bazar Sabado, located in Plaza San Zakynthos, which sells the products of Mexican crafts the most beautiful in all of Mexico, according to the tourists themselves. it is 'possible to buy jewelry of any kind, items of furniture unique and inimitable. For who want do a crazy shopping of shoes, handbags and designer clothes can go to the mall Mundo here Made in Italy can be recognized for its style, but also many other leading designers from around the world sell their collections here . it is possible to savor the taste of Mexican dishes going in the countless taverns that crowd the narrow streets. The dish is the famous "tortillas" prepared in every way: spicy, sweet, salty, and spices. There's something for all tastes.

    The nightclubs in Mexico City are a lot: the most important is undoubtedly the "Acanthus", a luxurious place to young and old people where you spend the night with music, cocktails and entertainment. Then there is the "Dada X", another disco less luxurious but no less fun. Anyone can spend long nights in Mexico City under the sign and the unbridled fun.

    In short, a city in is a pearl of Latin America between history and modern culture.