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    rental car marrakech airport - hire car morocco

    Airport of MarrakechMorocco is one of the countries that in recent years has been experiencing a period of considerable growth mainly thanks to European tourism. Fascinating country and tied to the traditions which you can discover from Marrakech, large city located in the interior. Marrakech has an international airport and a popular well located: by your low cost  rented car at the airport of Marrakech-Menara you can easily move around the city to discover a magical area it is full of surprises. RentalUp offers the possibility to rent low cost car directly to thewebsite and once landed at the airport, you can simply pick up the keys and drive away without so many thoughts.

    The monuments of Marrakech

    MarrakechMarrakech is a city rich in history and culture, and through its many monuments still manages to tell the stories and deeds of men who live in the area since the year one thousand. A characteristic example of religious architecture in the city is the Minaret Kutubiyya, in the context of the homonymous mosque; these buildings came almost intact to the present day there are the most complete and absolute testimony of the Almohad dynasty, dating from the twelfth century.

    Buildings are the typical Moroccan style, decorated with majolica blue and white arabesque. Moving towards the low Medina are the Saadian Tombs, wanted by the sultan Ahmad al-Mansr: date from the period between 1500 el 1600, after a careful restoration work, there are now among the most beautiful monuments of the city : large rooms with colored grouts and tile features. Before the renovation access was allowed only through a hidden tunnel that started from the mosque in the Casbah. In a short time using the rented car with the services offered by RentalUp  you can  visit the remained of the ruins of the El Badi Palace, built in 1600 and destroyed the next century. It was a grand palace and still shows impressive despite being left little or nothing.

    Jemaa El Fna square has always been the nerve-center of Marrakech and it is from here you can reach in a short time the Casbah and the Suk. Not far away from the square there are the Majorelle Gardens, purchased by Yves Saint-Laurent, recently reopened to the public and rich of rare and exotic plants. But openness to the future of Marrakech, also passes through a technology park: the Cyber-Park.

    Food, entertainment and shopping in Marrakech

    city of MarrakechMarrakech is a city that, going through a period of development, has been able to remain anchored to its roots. An example is the Souk, where the market continues to unfold with the same methodical for centuries and where the aromas of the spices blend together, creating atmospheres can only be traced here. The haggling is an integral part of the tradition and you can not refuse the tea offered by merchants as a sign of friendship.

    The cuisine of Marrakech is rich in vegetables and meat seasoned with spices and strong flavors. Marrakech is a tourist town and there are some restaurants where you can taste the local delicacies, such as Alizia, able to seem at times Europe, but very traditional. It is located in Ville Nouvelle Rue Echouhada, a convenient location and easily accessible.

    The concept of fun in Marrakech is different from that of Europe, but also with international tourism in this sense they are creating structures more "Western", such as nightclubs and disco. Taking hire car in Marrakesh Airport you can easily move in the city and go to Pacha, namesake of the famous local Ibiza, where you meet people "coolest" of the city and you can trigger until late at night with dJ sets in vogue at the moment. But if you are looking for something more traditional, you need to go to Diamant Noire, naive style in the 80s: a nightclub on two levels, with different music.

    Who does not love to go to the disco can take a stroll in the Jemaa El Fna, the heart of Marrakech: the area is full of bars and clubs in the streets open until late at night, there are plenty of entertainment jugglers and artists road.

    For shopping in Marrakesh we must go back into the Jemaa El Fna square, where are concentrated the malls and quaint shops where you can buy souvenirs of the city and the traditional clothing.