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    Car rental Netherlands - Economic car hire in Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a very popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, and for the monuments that the nation possesses, both for the fun it offers to young people, especially with regard to the capital Amsterdam, which every year attracts millions of tourists. The Netherlands is very well served for airports and therefore you can reach all major cities by plane, but once landed in one of these cities, it is very convenient to rent a car at low cost price at the airport of Amsterdam, to move freely, without worrying about public transport. Car rental in the Netherlands is a popular service among tourists, as it is convenient and allows you to be independent and autonomous and allows tourists to easily move from one city to another.

    Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands

    AMSTERDAMTo start a sightseeing tour in the Netherlands, you should always start from the capital, Amsterdam, the nerve center from which all the main arteries of the nation, so once landed in Amsterdam you can hire a low cost car at Amsterdam-Schipol, You can move freely without having to depend on public transport. The Netherlands has many cities full of monuments, but also natural attractions, Dam Square is the meeting point of all the young people who go to Amsterdam: here you can admire the beautiful "New Church", the building is in the Gothic style and dates back to the 14th century. Then there is the museum dedicated to the great painter Van Gogh where you can admire all the works of the great master and lost, but a place that definitely evokes a strong and inexplicable shiver down my spine is the "National Monument". This monument was erected in honor of the fallen of World War II and, each year, the most important offices of the state, along with the royal family attend the memorial service. The Royal Palace is definitely the place to greater curiosity and fascination, the building is from the 17th century and the beginning was a town hall, Napoleon's brother decided to convert it to residence and now, His Highness Beatrice occasionally houses within its walls.

    The entertainment and shopping are two well known terms, with regard to the first, you can spend the evening at Dam Square or inside of the classic pub Dutch hospitality is a dogma so as it is the love for alcohol but always in moderation, if even after you drive.

    For shopping center is the most full of shops, but in the rest of the way certainly no lack of windows, the Kalverstraat is one of the most populated streets where you can make purchases, then follows the Leidsestraat and finally the Westerkerk. The three ways mentioned above are a mix of super luxury boutiques and shops less expensive, it's up to you to decide where to spend, spend and spend again.

    "Cubes" in Rotterdam.

    RotterdamSo to start a journey dedicated to the exploration of Holland just rent a low cost car in Amsterdam and from adventure, passing from the capital to Rotterdam, a beautiful town situated in South Holland, where you can admire the so-called cube houses, charming and very special because they are an example of a different architecture. The structure is built in the traditional, technological innovations have undermined the basic form, have aimed only to increase security (and therefore, attract tourists), also in Rotterdam must visit the old town, located outside the city current, which still retains many windmills are open to the public. Just the blades of these windmills rise in tourist a feeling of peacefulness, the constant circling mesmerizes and captures the viewer.

     Hague: City of Peace

    NetherlandsAnother important city is The Hague, also known as the city of peace, where you can see the Peace Palace, in neo-Renaissance style, which is the symbol of the city. The facades are red brick and the base is made entirely using the famous Belgian gray stone, the contrast between these two values and highlights despite the green parks. The parks are so many, it seems to be a paradise of green, the trees reign supreme as well as lawns and flowers, between the branches one can see the lush palaces with their huge windows. Another important site is the Mauritshuis museum, it houses the works of the great golden age of Dutch as Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer.