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    car rental oslo airport - car hire oslo airport

    Airport of OsloWhen you land at the airport of the capital of Norway, which is located about fifty kilometers from Oslo, you will find at every sort of comfort and convenient car rental at the airport to Oslo Gardermoen. The airport is really provided of any type of comfort.


    Oslo, Scandinavian pearl

    OsloYour visit to Oslo, will not disappoint your expectations as it is a city on a human scale. Children will be fascinated by the animals of the farm Bogstad and the roller coaster of the amusement park Tusenfryd, while adults remain extremely impressed by the variety of historic monuments and cultural relics that the city has to offer starting with the artistic elements to finish the fjord of Oslo is an absolute beauty and that is filled with tourists in the summer. The islands via ferry you can reach the fjord are many such Bleikøya which hosts numerous summer residences and natural seat of the black-headed gull. It is a must to visit the famous ruins of the Convent of the few remaining Hovedøya that are still visible. And how we can refer to the famous painter Edvard Munch, linked to Oslo because even grew up here and lived his last years of life. In this city are kept safe all the best works of the great Munch and here are located the two famous museums, which preserve these paintings for art lovers are precious relics. There are numerous attractions such as the Viking Ship Museum, the National Gallery, the interesting Vigeland Sculpture Park, Holmenkollen the trampoline with the Ski Museum and Akershus Fortress, among others. Visit Oslo is still one of those experiences not to be missed because it enters into a symbiosis not only with art, but also with nature in all its varied forms. At Oslofjord, in the Skagerrak basin there is untouched and almost surreal atmosphere and then there is a high energy efficiency and is a city implementing increasingly innovative technologies and sustainable. In short, it is a city that prides itself on being the most liveable in the world.

    The piers of Aker Brygge

    have fun OsloThe piers of Aker Brygge and the central street of Karl Johan become your favorite stops and as the roads are closed to traffic, you can park your rented car taken at  the airport of Oslo slo Airport , in the designated parking places outside the city and you can easily walk the beautiful streets full of pubs and restaurants. The shopping, in Oslo will allow you  a truly unique sensations as savor the atmosphere of a city made on a human scale, where hundreds of exclusive boutiques, making it even more enjoyable your stay.

    RentalUp, direct you to the best car  for your family and your needs, indicating the cheapest rates and will be a great pleasure to provide you our experience and our availability.