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    car rental in warsaw airport - car hire warsaw airport

    Airport of Warsaw - ChopinRentalUp offers the possibility of a cheap rental car at the airport in Warsaw Chopin. It is, without doubt, an exceptional opportunity for who come in the Polish capital by plane and require a vehicle that allows them to move from one part of the city in an independent way, without being subject to tariffs, often too high, the taxi, or have to depend on public transport. Relying on a fleet of high quality, RentalUp guarantees a rental car at the airport in Warsaw Chopin able to satisfy any need of the customer, whether they are tourists, whether they have arrived in the town of Poland to study or work.

    Warsaw, the city of Chopin

    Warsaw, the city of ChopinOnce you have rented a car, what are the points of interest in Warsaw, which is worth to visit? A tourist itinerary can start from the Castle Square, Plac Zamkowy, designed by Jakub Kumici. Here you can see the Column of Sigismund Vasa, built in the seventeenth century, and the Royal Castle, rebuilt in the seventies after the Germans had blown up during the Second World War. Nearby there is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Katedra Sw Jana Chrzciciela, in turn destroyed in the forties and made reborn in English Gothic style. In the crypt of the building to another, are the bodies of Gabriel Narutowicz and writer Henryk Sienkiewicz. Once out of the cathedral and back in the car, we reach the church of the Jesuits, Kosciol Jezuitow, dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. This is an area of exceptional beauty, as confirmed by the Historical Museum Miasta Warszawy and the Market Square, Rynek Starego Miasta. Warsaw reveals a city rich in museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum Marie Curie and the Prison Museum Pawiak. In the Church of the Holy Cross, is kept the urn with the heart of the famous composer Chopin. The Polish capital offers visitors the Palace of Culture and Science, and Lazienki Palace. The first is the tallest structure in the capital, exceeding two hundred and thirty feet, and was built at the behest of Stalin, who wanted a building like the Empire State Building located in New York. Finally, do not miss a visit to the Palace on the Water, which formed the residence of Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski, the last king of Poland.

    The culinary art in Warsaw

    food of WarsawReservoir of artistic tradition, culture and natural beauty, do not forget the kitchen: do not forget to taste the local dishes such as chlodnik (a summer soup made from beetroot, radishes, garlic, chives and natural yoghurt), kolduny (type tortellini with meat served in broth), flaki (tripe in a spicy sauce) and sernik cake (cheesecake made with white cheese like cottage cheese with raisins). Airport Varsasia is about a twenty minute drive of the city center, and it is located in the south-west. Usually, the low cost airlines arrive at Terminal Etudia. In conclusion, it is worth to highlight that for the low cost car rental at the airport in Warsaw Chopin, RentalUp is the ideal solution, offering a complete and reliable service, which is the professionalism and experience in the consolidated time their strengths. Take advantage!