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    Warsaw Chopin Airport Car Rental

    What is today known as Warsaw-Chopin Airport is the most important airport all over Poland. Taking advantage of a rental car, you have to drive along little less than 20 km to reach Warsaw from this airport.

    The idea of an airport that could serve the city of Warsaw began to take shape in the early XX century, but only in 1934 the airport officially started its activity. During the Second World War it was completely destroyed, and only in the early 1970s the airport returned to be used for civil flights.

    Nowadays, many airlines work here, among which, for example, TAP Air Portugal and Alitalia: the first one guarantees connection to Lisbon and the second one to Rome.

    Chopin Warsaw Airport Car Rental

    Warsaw: points of interest

    Warsaw is a very important city from a historical point of view: it is enough to think that here, before the Second World War, the biggest Jewish community lived. Nowadays, the Polish capital city is one of the most popular tourist destinations among the ones of the Continental Europe.

    Once landed in Warsaw-Chopin Airport and picked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp during the weeks before departure, you can soon start the discovery of Warsaw, capital of Poland and among the most charming cities all over Continental Europe.

    Taking immediately advantage of the car rental service from Warsaw-Chopin Airport, the first place that deserves to be visited is the characteristic Market Square, which was in the past the centre of the city life; moreover, the buildings you can admire today are a faithful reproduction of those that were in this square before the Second World War.

    Castle Square is very interesting too, connecting point between the ancient and the modern areas of Warsaw. Here you can find a Castle built by the will of the dukes of Mazovia and that was destroyed by the Nazis; rebuilt during the 1970s, it hosts today a really interesting art gallery.

    You must see also the close Residence of Wilanów: it is enough to think that it is world-wide known as the “Polish Versailles” to understand why it is an unmissable place.

    The possibility to take advantage of the car rental service to discover Warsaw from the airport will allow you to visit in detail also the Jewish Quarter or, to say it better, what today remains after the Second World War; it is one of the most suggestive places that you can find in the city.

    Market Square Varsaw

    Warsaw: art and culture

    The car rental service from WarsawAirport will allow you to move in complete freedom throughout Polish capital city and, so, to discover all that the city has to offer from historical, cultural and artistic points of view.

    A museum you must visit is the Warsaw Uprising Museum: here the Polish rebellion against the German domination is narrated. The official opening of the museum took place 60 years after the end of the Second World War and it is a place to which all the Polish people are bounded.

    The National Museum is very interesting too, where there are about 900 thousand various objects which narrate the history of the Polish territory and of what Poland is today. Lastly, describing the places that make Warsaw a very important city from a cultural point of view, you cannot miss to mention the important Palace of Culture and Science; this building is not so charming from an architectonical point of view, because it was built by the will of Stalin, so in the middle of the Soviet domination; however, even though this building is not among the most beautiful from an aesthetic point of view among the ones that you can fond in Warsaw, it is today a place of culture and amusement, considering that here museums, a cinema and even a swimming pool found place.

    National Museum Warsaw