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    rental cars krakow - car rental krakow airport

    Airport of Krakow A convenient solution for who land in the Polish city is to contact RentalUp, so you can rent a car at the airport of Krakow, to be collected upon arrival. From the airport you can decide where to go, how long to stay and when you return, you neglect this way the stress of public transportation and spend your holidays in a relaxing, history or fun.


    Krakow, Pearl of Poland

    Krakow Pearl of PolandEleven kilometers separating the airport from the city center, the beautiful capital of Poland, Krakow. This city has a long and glorious history, the old town is definitely the strength of the Polish culture, the prevailing style of the buildings is the Gothic, the center of the medieval is the Market Square, the largest for 'age across Europe. On the Wawel Hill are the church of Saints Felix and Adaucto and the Castle with a beautiful Renaissance courtyard (just this courtyard was designed by two famous Italian: Francesco Bartolomeo of Lora with Berecci). The most important structures from a historical point of view are abdoubtedly religious ones, among them the Basilica of Santa Maria, it does not go unnoticed to the first position (the center of the Piazza Del market) and also for the grandeur of its towers (one to watch and one bell). In addition to this wonderful Basilica is the church of St Adalbert, is famous throughout Poland because it was the first to be built entirely of stone, to make it special is the opposition to the Basilica, it seems an ant before a giant of that size. Not just a city historic-cultural, shopping at the center is definitely a great pastime for fans of shopping, not everyone can afford to buy in the shops, but you can spend some time observing the glittering shop windows that line the streets of downtown of the city.


    The shopping and nightlife in Krakow

    city of KrakowWith the comfort of your rental car at the airport in Krakow John Paul II, you can also move from Krakow, a destination not to be missed is definitely Wieliczka, fifteen kilometers from the capital is situated the oldest salt mine in the whole of Europe , which means that this is impressive, it comes to nearly 400 km depth to 300 km of tunnels (spread over nine levels). The peculiarity lies in the decorations, statues, bas-reliefs, chapels and niches are carved out of salt and offer a truly impressive for the visitor, it would seem strange to find such works of art in a salt mine, but this is explained by the fact that were the same miners to carry them out (the danger of their work led them to have a deep faith). Another destination not to be missed with its reasonably priced car is the National Park of Oikow, like stepping into another world, the trees and the green hide gorges and caves, a unique landscape where you can see unique and beautiful rock formations, beyond to several ancient castles. Nature lovers, in addition to the park can enjoy exploring the Tatra mountains, this part of the complex of the Carpathians and the particularity of the area prompted UNESCO to declare the site "Heritage Biosphere". Well, just got off the plane, after collecting your rental car at the airport in Krakow, selected by RentalUp, you can indulge in the wonderful places, the first of Krakow, but the landscape outside the city is really unique and all to admire.