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    Terceira Airport Car Rental

    Terceira Airport, on the homonym island of the Azores, is a quite important airport not only to reach this destination from various parts of Europe, but also as a transportation hub for passengers travelling to the Northern America.

    Moreover, it has a favourable location with respect to the most important destinations on the island, such as Lajes, Praia da Vitoria and the chief town Angra da Heroismo, World Heritage. The main airlines operating at this airport are Tap Portugal, Ryanair, Azores Airlines and Luxair. At the terminal all the facilities for the passengers are available, included bars and restaurants.

    The best solution to discover Terceira in complete freedom is relying on the car rental at Terceira Airport. Thanks to the service offered by RentalUp you will have, indeed, the opportunity to easily pick your rental car up at the airport, once landed, and in very short time you can reach Angra da Heroismo, to start an exciting tour of the island.

    Terceira Airport Car Rental

    Terceira: points of interest

    Terceira is an oval-shaped island, rich in hilly areas and wooded areas, perfect to be explored: the car rental at Terceira Airport will allow you to visit all the interesting destinations throughout the island.

    The central part revels its volcanic nature: the Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz is the largest crater in the Azores. In its proximity, there is the Algar do Carvão, a crater from which you can accede to an underground cave, a very popular tourist attraction.

    Ovest of it, there are the Furnas do Enxofre, geysers where the sulphur steam crystallize in particularly suggestive shapes and colours. Moreover, you can reach the panoramic points of the island, driving along a road among the blue hydrangeas in Serra San Bàrbara up to a crater at about 1020 m of height; east of it, there is, instead, Serra de Cuma, overlooking Praia da Vitoria, a port with wide sandy beaches and a beautiful bay.

    Along the northern coast there is Biscoitos, so called because the lava along the sea forms biscuits-like figures, while in its proximity you can bath in splendid natural pools among the volcanic rocks.

    This island is also famous for its wines and the cultivated areas are bordered by the typical stone walls. The most curios travellers can visit the Museu do Vinho, where you can discover the production techniques, but also taste wine and buy bottles as souvenir.

    Terceira Island
    Banana Forest

    The surroundings of Terceira

    Angra do Heroismo is a wonderful Renaissance town, with streets in a grid pattern, noble palaces and richly decorated churches which narrate the glory of the past, when it was the main trading port in the Atlantic; for three centuries it was the staging point for the ships in the route connecting Europe, America and Africa.

    You cannot miss the Catedral do Santissimo Salvador and the particular temples of Espirito Santo, whose celebration is deeply felt by the inhabitants of Terceira. For this reason, on the island there are about 68 temples and planning a tour to visit them and appreciate their typical architecture and lively colours can be really interesting.

    With the comfort of the car rental service at Terceira Airport, you will have the possibility to reach also the picturesque village of fishermen São Mateus da Calheta to immerse yourself in its atmosphere, but also to take advantage of very good restaurants.

    Angra do Heroismo