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    car rental faro airport - car hire at faro airport

    Airport of FaroHire a low cost car is the best solution for who arrive at the airport of Faro, in Portugal; it is located a few kilometers, about eight, from the town of Montenegro, as well as a convenient way to take a rental car at the airport of Faro, is definitely the best for all the tourists who love peace and want to leave the stress of public transportation.

    Faro, a characteristic corner Portuguese

    city of FaroOn leaving the airport you can visiting the beautiful lighthouse, a few kilometers away is in fact the center of the city. The first part to visit is the old lighthouse, we are talking of the City Velha, it is characterized by a Jewish style and is surrounded by a wall, you can access this part of the story through the arc from Villa. Not far from the Cidade Velha, is the harbor of Doca where, a few meters apart from the Rua de San Antonio (defined as the most important from the economic point of view, since there are a lot of shops and restaurants) . Do not miss the Museo Regional dedicated to local traditions, deeply religious, the city is rich in churches, among them is the Church of Sao Pedro and the Do Carmo. These two are probably the most beautiful in the city, they are superb azulejos (tiles typical local) perfectly preserved.

    To explore the surroundings of Faro

    beach of FaroFrom Faro you can leave for the cities that are close by, first of all there is Santa Barbara de Nexe, the city has as main landmark is the White Church, built entirely at the end of 400 years ago, is a simple from an architectural standpoint, but, sunlit, enchants tourists and admire.

    One can not but continue to Olhao, aboard the comfort of your car rental taken at Faro airport, you can enjoy the splendor of this port city overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is 'characterized by Moorish and famous dunes that are "popping" of water and which are used as beaches accessible by boat.

    Other city is Lagoa, of which the most famous monument is certainly the church of Mercy built in the eighteenth century, and then, in addition to this impressive structure, was built the church of Our Lady of Light. Are known as Playa and Playa Nova do Carvalho, both in golden sand and rich in tourist facilities to stay comfortably and spend a pleasant holiday. There are also places suited to the young, between the cities mentioned that most of all is suitable for shopping is Olhao, with Rua Miguel Bombarda together to Rua Das Ferrarias offering a wide choice for all fans of the purchases.For those who want to spend a pleasant holiday in the sun and sand, we can not advise Ayamonte, about 50 kilometers from Faro is definitely one of the pearls Portuguese, the strength is definitely the beach of Isla Canela, really great and with a fine sand. In short, all the sights in the edge of your rental car hire at Faro airport with you, with this solution you will decide where to go, how long to use and when to return.