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    car rental porto airport - car hire porto airport

    airport of OportoRentalUp is a convenient solution for who want to leave the stress and dependence on public transport. Tourists who arrive at the airport of Francisco de Sá Carneiro have the possibility to rent a comfortable and low cost car, just off the plane, the car choice will be easily available on arrival of the flight, so can move at a time of wonders and beauties Portuguese. The airport is in fact in a very strategic location, just ten kilometers from Oporto, a city full of charm and monuments where tourists can walk the streets in full freedom, to the edge of their rented car.

    Oporto, a city not to be missed

     view of OportoPorto is located not far from the Atlantic Ocean and is characterized by many historic buildings and museums, mostly from the Roman era of the fifth century, the city was the birthplace of a famous marriage, the one between John I and Philippa Lancaster, it symbolizes the alliance between Portugal and England. Among the monuments not to be missed is certainly the Clerigos Tower, entirely made of stone, was designed from Italian Niccolò Casini in the mid-1700s sub-committee of the brotherhood of Clerigos Pobres, from which it takes its name, is the monument symbol of the nation of Portugal.

    Do not miss the Stock Exchange Building, said Palacio da Bolsa, the building in the neoclassical style and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage, is located next to the Church of St. Francis, and the viewer is impressed by the imposing of such structure. Extremely squared, has a large and lush garden on the front, the work of the structure began in the early 1800s and ended in 1850, but the decorations were added only in 1910.

    In 2001, Porto shared the designation as European Capital of Culture with the Dutch city of Rotterdam. As part of this project was started the construction of the large concert hall of the Casa da Música, designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. The International Film Festival "Fantasporto" is a large cultural event, attracting many film critics at home and abroad. For who love food, it really is best to park in the typical Portuguese restaurants and take the excellent cod, prepared in many ways and enjoy a glass of the famous Porto wine.

    Discovering all of Portugal

    city of Oporto Among the other cities , as well as Porto, there is definitely less well known but equally beautiful Sintra, given that this is a city dominated by magnificent palaces, such as Palacio da Pena and the Moorish Castle. Not far from Sintra, about 40 km, is the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a unique and charming, and here you can visit the Torre de Belem, which was built around 1500 b.c. and served as a control for input in the port of Lisbon, and its strategic position made it possible to spot potential enemies, even from miles away and this was essential for the defense of the city. Then there is the Porta do Sol, which leads directly to the Castelo de Sao Jorge, and visitors have the opportunity to enter this complex remain enraptured by the imposing of such a structure. What most striking is the breathtaking view of the beautiful Lisbon. Monuments impressed by the charm, certainly visited by public. RentalUp, offers a large car park, deciding with complete independence and freedom of the residence time, such as monuments to visit, where to go. Airport becomes a simple crossroads, a simple starting point, you will decide the destination, choosing the rental car at the airport by Francisco de Sá Carneiro, you can visit Porto and all over Portugal in comfort and autonomy.