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    car rental bucharest airport - car rental otopeni airport

    Airport of BucharestHenri Coanda, official airport of Bucharest is also known by the name of Bucharest-Otopeni Airport. An airport that is born for the sake of expansion of the tourism sector but also for economic reasons, because Romania needed a real center of international trade in its capital. With nearly 1500 parking spaces available, is the ideal place to kick off your trip. RentalUp is offered as one of the best and low cost car rental services in Bucharest Henri Coanda airport and able to guarantee renewed and continued cars park, which is made available to the traveler who needs to move frequently. Do not miss a single detail of your trip or vacation in Bucharest, relying on RentalUp is definitely a wise choice: try it, ensure the thousands of positive results every year.

    Bucharest, the cold European charm

    BucharestBucharest is one of the most fascinating as well as populous in Romania: characterization of a very strong underground and proud to represent one of the largest economic centers worldwide. The climate is significantly detectable in Bucharest subject to change depending on the time of year when you are likely to see it: it is mostly a background continental territory, and winter sports and summer about -3 ° touches 22 °. The city is able to combine a highly modernized approach to the process of preservation of its strong historical roots: it is, in fact, an urban center typically inspired by the great American metropolis with a hectic pace of life and a constant coming and going of people the streets. Full of shops, shopping centers and entertainment venues. As well as welcoming young people, however, is to emphasize the cultural offer  that Bucharest can riserve to the tourists interested in a route a little more branched and face to discover landscapes, important events and exhibitions in the city. The House of the people, imposing building commissioned by Ceausescu, offers 12 floors of wealth worthy of being admired. Small churches in Byzantine style await the visits of tourists to unravel their mysteries, the Antim Monastery, the Curtea Veche and Spiridon. Just as the Church of the Old Court, in which you can still lay eyes on the ancient frescoes dating back to the period of construction. Bucharest is certainly a destination with many multifaceted able to reserve many surprises to the traveler that can appreciate its beauty. The city committee will organize regular exhibitions, local events and also Q & A sessions with some of the leading exponents of art, literature and related births and respected in the village.

    RentalUp supports the tourist activities by providing a cheap car rental service in the city and airport of Bucharest Henri Coanda, also covering the surrounding areas. An ambitious project that aims to satisfy every need of the individual.

    Holidays and events in Bucharest

    city of BucharestNot surprisingly, Bucharest is defined as the Little Paris in the European opposite: discos, pubs and nightclubs for a more fun that involves a slice of young people, but not only. There are many events of interest, such as the periodic BestFest which each year welcomes the capital with musical performances and the like. The winter period is again the one to visit the city not only for its mild climate and the opportunity to enjoy the snowy landscape, but also to take advantage of the festivities of the first day of January, rites eagerly awaited by both citizens and tourists . In addition, the first day of December is celebrated the national holiday here in Romania involving dances and folk songs as well as real food markets and various objects.