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    Bucarest - Henri Coanda Airport Car Rental

    Bucarest – Henri Coanda Airport, named after one of the most important exponents of the Romanian civil engineering, is the most important airport not only in Bucharest, but in general in the whole of Romania: it is enough to drive along about 17 km with the rental car, booked thanks to RentalUp, to get to the city centre from here.

    Where today this airport takes place, there were once military bases; in 1965, the Romanian authorities realized that there was the necessity of a new airport to face the always increasing passenger traffic. The inauguration of the airport took place in 1970 and a few years later works to make it even more efficient and modern begun.

    The decision to name it after Henri Coanda became concrete in 2004, in the year when the Romanian civil aviation celebrated its 35 years of activity.

    The airlines using this airport are many, among these we can mention KLM and Turkish Airlines: the first one guarantees the route to the city of Amsterdam, the second one to Istanbul.

    Bucharest Airport Car Rental

    Bucharest: points of interest

    Once landed in Bucharest – Henri Coanda Airport and picked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to discover what the capital city of Romania has to offer.

    The first place that deserves to be admired is the Palace of Parliament. Staring at it, you could think that it is one of the largest palaces in the world, and actually it is right! Its edification is recent, it was, indeed, built during the 1980s.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service in Bucharest from the airport will allow you to delve into the Old Town, that, as you can imagine, is one of the most typical area in the city.

    The discovery of Bucharest can continue with a stroll throughout Revolution Square, one of the most important and symbolic places all over Romania. Right from this square, indeed, the rebellion against the regime of Ceausescu started in 1989. Here you can find also the Memorial of Rebirth, built in memory of those days.

    In the nearby of this square there is the Central University Library, another interesting place to be visited during a trip to Bucharest. You cannot miss neither the Arch of Triumph, originally built to celebrate the first historic independence of Romania in 1878 and then rebuilt in the late 1930s.

    Palace of Parliament in Bucharest
    Bucharest Fountain

    Bucharest: art and culture

    Exploiting the car rental service at Bucharest Airport, you will have the possibility to visit all the most interesting places from historical and cultural points of view in the Romanian capital city. It is enough to think, for example, of the Romanian History National Museum, located in a palace that in the past hosted the most important post office in Bucharest. In this museum you can retrace the history of Romania, from prehistory up to modern days.

    Another very interesting museum that deserves to be included in your itinerary during a vacation in Bucharest is the National Museum of Art of Romania: this museum is divided into two big areas. The first one is dedicated to the greatest exponents of Romanian art of painting, while the second one, named, not by chance, European Art Gallery, collects works by immortal artists, such as Tiziano and Rubens.

    The car rental service from Bucharest Airport will allow you to reach also Soseaua Kiseleff, which is the most beautiful tree-lined avenue in the city with a very high concentration of museums. Among the many museums, we must mention the Museum of the Romanian Peasant; within it you will have the possibility to take a trip into the Romanian history, with a particular attention to the customs and traditions of the country in the period when Romania was not industrialised yet.

    If you particularly love the places of worship, we suggest you not to miss the possibility to visit the Patriarchal Cathedral: this church was officially opened to the faithful in the late XVII century and was built with the intention to name it after St. Constantine and St. Helen, as it has actually happened.

    Princess Bălaşa Church is very charming too, it is very original from an architectonical point of view, considering that it is a beautiful example of what can be created melting the Neo-Byzantine style with the Neo-Romanic one.

    Kretzulescu Church is another particularly fascinating place of worship, built during the early XVIII century, characterised by the fact that it is entirely made of red bricks and by its architectonical style which perfectly melts Occident and Orient.

    National History Museum of Bucharest