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    bucharest car rental - car hire bucharest

    BucharestHire a car just arrived at the airport Henri Coanda of Bucharest is the best solution for who do not want to suffer the stress of public transport; RentalUp offers this opportunity and low cost car can be hired at the airport so you will can decide the duration of your trip and places to visit in the beautiful Bucharest.

    Monuments, theaters and historical sites.

    monument of BucharestThe Romanian town is surely one of the most exciting and important from the point of view of history, music and religious, many museums, well over 37 to 18 art galleries and 22 theaters. The first essential step is definitely the Palace of the Republic, the building is home to one of the most important and popular museums all over Europe we are talking about the National Museum of Art, about 70,000 are exhibits and signed by all of the great 'art as Veneziano, El Greek, Rembrandt, Rubens and others. Other hub of culture and art is the Museum of History of Romania, in this place you can see the history of the city and the nation to the present day, it is housed in a charming neo-classical tourists admire not only the beauty of the exhibits but also the grandeur of the structure that houses them. Among the most important are "The Arch of Triumph in Bucharest", it is located in the Kisselef ave which can be reached through numerous Boulevards, it is the most recent of several arches erected over time and celebrates the independence of Romania. One of the most significant is definitely the Revolution Square, here in fact thousands of Romanians have lost their lives and burn candles throughout the year, to commemorate the events of 1989 (date on which he left the fight for democracy). This square is also home to the Senate: it is a neoclassical building completed in about 1950, after the Second World War, the Communists wanted to make this place the center of their power. Those arriving by plane, thanks to, you can take a low cost rental car at the airport Henri Coanda of Bucharest.

    Socialite, nightlife and shopping

    city of BucharestBucharest is not only history and art museums, the nightlife is very active, there are many clubs, bars, discos and entertainment centers for tourists who decide to spend their holidays in this place. With convenient rental car can move freely and discover all these wonderful places, Bucharest is called the "Little Paris" not only for the avenues that are located in the City, but also for the nightlife, well-known among young people and lovers of the premises. Certainly the most exclusive club of the city is the "Bamboo", enter without invitation is really hard to enter, but for  who can get past the bouncers, has the opportunity to have fun dancing, eating in the Italian restaurant spoiled by luxury and design that leaves open-mouthed. Another interesting place is the Club Maxx, it has a pizzeria on the ground floor and a garden in which are organized summer parties. For who prefer the shopping, Bucharest does not hold back, the shops in which to spend are many and the call of the windows is really strong, the most exclusive boutiques are located in Calea Victoriei, these are frequented by more affluent Romanian society representatives. Who looking for something more affordable and good deals can go towards Piata Amzei, the numerous "stalls" have pretty much everything, every kind of object can be found in this huge market. The streets of the city, in any case, are full of shops of all kinds. The less prestigious shops stay open until 18:00 while the boutiques mentioned above and the most "in" closed a few hours later.

    In short, Bucharest offers an ideal mix, combining art and nightlife, history and modernity, tradition blends with the present, a whirlwind of emotions awaits the tourists who decide to visit this corner of paradise, with the rental car at low cost prices.