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    Rental cars in Spain - Low cost Prices with RentalUp

    If you are looking for a low cost car hire in Spain, RentalUp is the solution that is right for you. Present in all major cities of the Iberian Peninsula, the car hire in Spain, with a strong professionalism and reliability increased day by day, provides to the customers with a fleet of excellent quality, providing consistent service and appreciable. The importance of renting a car, maybe once you get off the plane, at the airport, it is clear, especially when you consider the prices of taxi drivers often exaggerated and dislocation caused by public transport, overcrowded, late or even on strike. Much better, then, if you have the opportunity to decide your schedules and your routes in total autonomy, moving  from one place to another without limit, thanks to the rental car with RentalUp.

    The market and car rental in Spain

    madridThe car rental is becoming increasingly important in Madrid, as the Report on the rental market in Spain. The market, in fact, in this country has seen in recent years a very strong growth in sales, with just under five hundred million euro in the last year: among other things, to an ever increasing demand, which inevitably led to hire rates  high quite. RentalUp, instead, goes against the trend, offering downward prices, convenient from the economic point, naturally without sacrificing the quality of service. The fact remains that Madrid will face in the next two years, continued growth in the rental sector (and we do not refer only to cars and campers, but also, for example, video-cassettes, vans, dvd, etc.). After the difficulties made record up to two years ago, the market has experienced a moment of relief. For example, it is expected that in the coming years will see an increase of ten per cent of the requests, despite the current economic crisis that instead might suggest the opposite alternative. In fact, this trend is easily explained: in a time of deep economic trouble, more and more citizens who are unable to afford to buy a car of her own, even more so if they are aware that it will have little use: very better, therefore, to rely on rental services, which otherwise would have proven to be particularly active in the city.

    Car rental for tourists in Spain

    Sacred family BarcellonaEven in this case, the explanation of the phenomenon is very simple: the rental is practice by most tourists who stays in Spain a few days, and which require  own transport ,that does not require special and bureaucratic especially that can allows to the tourist a excellent freedom of movement. In short,  the rental sector starts to become one of the few sectors of the Spanish economy can recover and even tow with it the other fields. In conclusion, RentalUp is the ideal solution for who want to renting a car in Spain. The prices are very low: it is time to take advantage of it, what do you think?