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    Car rental in Jerez - Car hire jerez

    Jerez de la FronteraLocated in the heart of Andalusia, a wealth of traditions in which you can discover the true and genuine side of Spanish culture, Jerez de la Frontera is a small town known to the great international public as the seat of the racetrack, where every year takes place the Grand Prix of Formula 1 and the stage of the World Championship of Spain.

    Jerez de la Frontera: Between Formula 1 and MotoGP

    MotoGP in Jerez de la FronteraIn the days before these events the town is literally assaulted by hundreds of thousands of fans who flock to the stands of the circuit in all levels of people. Jerez is literally invaded by a multitude of festive people from all over the world, wrapped in flags of their own team or your favorite driver. In fact, tourism in Jerez de la Frontera is not limited to the period of the GP. Due to the many present and the numerous opportunities for entertainment and leisure facilities, Jerez de la Frontera is a pleasant and interesting destination throughout the year. Once landed, the best way to start your tour to exploring the beauty of Andalusia is without doubt rent a car at the airport of Jerez de la Frontera. In a short time you are ready to march along the stages of your itinerary. Among other things, hire a car in Jerez de la Frontera can reach without any constraint also crowded and less touristy areas of the city, allowing you to enjoy a unique landscape along the roads that run along the Atlantic Ocean.

    Jerez: the hills of the excellent vines and flamenco

    Monuments in Jerez de la FronteraWorth visiting are the hills that surround the city, from which are derived from the exceptional quality wines appreciated all over the world, just think that 10% of the wine production in Spain comes from vines grown in Andalusia. The main low cost airlines, but also the traditional airlines often offer a very cheap flights. In general, you can book in advance with a sufficient margin, or know how to get the last minute. While in the city there is an efficient public transport, the best option is to rent a car just arrived to move freely, without being subject to the times of buses and trains, and especially to be able to admire the surrounding areas not frequented by tourists, but they give you a fabulous unforgettable scenarios. How to cite Jerez de la Frontera forgetting the flamenco? Andalusia is home to this beautiful and sensual dance that includes millions of fans around the world. A dance "hot", but at the same time fascinating and sensual, who manages to excite and transmit the beauty of the traditions and culture of this beautiful land. You just have to choose the car rental preferred, book it and enjoy a dream trip to one of the most beautiful and attractive of Spain.