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    Seville Airport Car Hire - Cheap car rental Seville Airport

    Airport of SevilleSeville Airport, located ten kilometers north east of the city, is one of the airports that serve as a stopover for mostly internal flights and in recent years, the number of international flights is growing considerably, and for this is important to tourists have the solution of rent a car at the airport of Seville that allows to make concrete this offer for those who do not know the times of the public or private transport and want to decide when to leave, where to go and when to return.

    Seville: artistic encounter between Arabs and Christians

    SevilleOnce at the airport you can start your journey down the breathtaking Seville, one of the most beautiful and “caliente” city of Spain. First step really required, especially for lovers of art, monuments is certainly the Giralda, the monument is a symbol of the city, was built by the Moors in Almohade, it is essentially a minaret and it is peculiar to the tower that dominates the structure , it was not foreseen in the original project, but was only added later by Christians (reaches a height of one hundred meters). Another monument truly magnificent and impressive is the Cathedral; the conditions of its construction are now legend, the phrase that circulates is "build a church for which we consider definitely crazy." It was built after the destruction of the mosque of Seville and its majesty and grandeur, is the third largest cathedral in the world. Another important monument is the Alcazar, it is a palace-fortress and served to protect the Caliph from the attacks of enemies, once in Seville would be a sacrilege not to go to visit it, there is also the beautiful Piazza di Spagna, is a oval squarel in shape with a diameter of about two hundred meters. The peculiarity is the frame that surrounds it, are in fact beautiful buildings with high towers to protect the "Plaza de Espana". In short, ten kilometers (the distance between the airport and city) separate the tourist from the artistic treasures of Seville,there are many places that you can discovere by the car rental in Seville airport, just gives the opportunity to fully enjoy these wonders. Hire a low cost car also allows you to spend the night at a quaint little place in the City  where you can wait for the dawn, drinking wine, "cerveza", tasting of typical products or simply enjoying unique air you breathe in this land. In short, everything is possible, thanks to the solution that RentalUp is ready to give to you.