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    Car hire in Aragon - Car rental in Aragon

    Nestled between two mountain ranges, the Pyrenees and the Iberian chain, is crossed by the river Ebro, Aragon is one of the richest regions in the entire history of Spain and therefore deserves a thorough visit, not just the major cities, but of entire territory.

    Rent a car in Aragon is a great way to explore the region.


    Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon           

    Pilar in ZaragozaThe capital of Aragon is also easily accessible with low-cost flights departing from every part of the world. The airport is ten kilometers from the city; RentalUp puts therefore available to its rental car at the airport of Zaragoza to reach its city with ease. The city is located in a depression in the ground, on the banks of the river Ebro, and is therefore one of the lowest in the country. Founded by the Romans, was the capital of a principality Arabic, and once reconquered by the Christians, became the capital of the Kingdom of Aragon. There are traces of this glorious past in the ruins of the Roman forum, and especially in the citadel (the Aljaferia) which was the residence of the rulers first, and then seat of the Inquisition. Visited the city, we can hire a car in Zaragoza to discover the beauties of Aragon, such as the towns of Caspe and Tarazona, less famous, but rich in beautiful historic buildings.

    Huesca, churches and saints

    heusca castleHome to two saints, St. Lawrence Martyr and St. Vincent of Zaragoza, the city of Huesca has a religious tradition that is reflected in the many beautiful churches, first of all, the impressive Gothic cathedral. Not enough, however, to visit the city center to see everything there is to see, and we can then take to hire a car in Huesca to direct us to neighboring countries to see the Ermitas, small churches and shrines throughout the country. At about 10km. For example we can see what remains of the Monastery de Monte Aragon, while at 16km. from the city to the village of Barluenga houses an impressive frescoed church dedicated to St. Michael. A few km far way we can admire the well-preserved Castillo de Loarre, while nature lovers will enjoy the most beautiful nature reserves in the Pyrenees: the Parque Natural de Huesca and the Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido.

    Teruel and Mudejar

    teruel If We move out to South instead we enter the province of Teruel, the city included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. In fact the city has undergone a strong Islamic influence, retaining many of the buildings in the Mudejar style, an architectural style typical of Muslims in Christian lands that combines elements from Islamic and Romanesque-Gothic. Thanks to RentalUp we can easily to rent a car in Alcaniz Teruel, where we can admire the castle and the numerous buildings in the Gothic style, but also the "Ciudad del Motor", a paradise for car enthusiasts and racing its tracks and its go-kart track.