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    Hire a car in Zaragoza - Car rental in Zaragoza

    ZaragozaZaragoza is a beautiful city in Spain and capital of the Aragon region. It is located in the northwest of Spain, not far from cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao forming an important communication link with the other provinces. For anyone who decides to come here by plane, RentalUp available at low cost prices of car rental at the airport of Zaragoza. Is possible to find centers "RentalUp" in the international airport of Zaragoza, about 10 km from the city or in the center of Zaragoza, with the possibility to rent for a short period cars or vans at low cost price.

    Zaragoza: the Mudejar style and its monuments

    Zaragoza by nightThe city is very nice to visit because it contains various civilizations that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula throughout history and have left traces still present today: the most attractive buildings are the Mudejar style, created by the Arab population. Among them we can mention the Cathedral and the Palace of Aljafería, the principal examples of Muslim civilization. With regard to the Roman period, you can see the walls that have protected and defended the city of Zaragoza, the city created its own during the period of the Roman Empire founded by Augustus Caesar in 24 BC Another important decorative element of the city is the River Ebro, on which were built several bridges linking the two sides.

    By car you can reach the Cathedral of Zaragoza, dedicated to San Salvador, founded in the eleventh century on the ruins of the Roman Forum and the Greater Muslim Mosque. Because of wars and revolts the cathedral has been restored several times, until 1550 when it assumed the aspect that still has today, is possible to visit it at a cost of 3 euro except Monday from 10 to 18. Not far away from the cathedral, you can visit the Palace Aljafería of Zaragoza, which together form the Mezquita of Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada the greatest examples of Muslim in Iberia. Moving with the car you can reach the Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Pilar, a building surrounded by a legend that it was the Lady asked the construction to the Apostle James  and in that place he met the first Christians. Always the Lady had revealed to the Apostle James as the chapel would remain intact until the end of the world.

    The center of the city instead houses the Museum of Zaragoza, formed by a section of archeology and fine arts. The first section of course includes all the testimonies of the various civilizations that have lived in Spain, while Section of Fine Arts brings together works from the twelfth century to the present day. If you want to visit the city of Zaragoza in full is essential to hire a car, both the airport and the city.