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    Car rental in Asturias - car hire asturias

    Asturias, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean are part of the "Green Spain", the one that has an Atlantic climate and is home to the highest peaks of the Cantabrian mountain range. It is a territory that, next to the remains of a glorious past (Oviedo was also the capital of the kingdom), retains the characteristic fishing villages, beautiful beaches and natural landscapes of breathtaking beauty. The region, in fact the principality as the Spanish call it, must be visited by going to discover every corner and what better way to do this than with a car that will allow complete freedom of movement.

    Between Gijon and Oviedo, to the discovery the Asturias

    Oviedo - KathedralIf you arrive in Spain by plane you can use one of the many car hire in Asturias also present at the airport and with the keys to a car in hand, you can go to the nearby town of Aviles which stands on one of the "rias "(fjords) that line the coast. It is an old seafaring town that retains a part of the town declared of tourist interest monumental buildings for the presence of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, and nearby there are some of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Verde, such as those of the famous Salinas. The great port of Gijon in itself does not present great things to do, but because the city developed from the end of the nineteenth some neighborhoods are built according to the Art Nouveau and, like Gaudi in Barcelona where he worked, has many buildings much very interesting. Much more details are scattered around the city of forests, eucalyptus trees and grasslands where graze wild animals. The beaches are below the steep rocky cliffs and is accessed through steps carved directly into the rock. Thanks to the very pronounced phenomenon of the tides, have assumed a compact  and very special appearance. RentalUp, allows to the tourists to rent a car at low cost prices in Gijon, enjoying the beautiful Spanish town in complete autonomy. Making use of a car rental in Oviedo be reached without difficulty in the capital and after a walk in its beautiful old town with its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque, you can visit the Cathedral of San Salvador where it is kept, the competitor of our shroud, the "sudarium of Oviedo" the cloth that would have preserved the body of Christ after his deposition in the tomb. For those arriving by plane,, offers the possibility to rent a car at the airport in Oviedo-Asturias, at a really cheap prices.

    The Cantabrian Mountains

    asturiasTaking advantage of cheap car hire in Asturias is possible to go to the beautiful park of Picos de Europa, where rise the highest peaks of the Cantabrian Mountains, or follow the "Camino de Santiago" in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims from every corner of the continent their way to the famous cathedral.

    Then there are the picturesque seaside villages on the coast, those built according to the architecture "indiama" (style of the houses that were building the settlers returned from the Americas) and then the rugged coastline dotted with lighthouses which pointed the way for sailors. Inland there are the prehistoric caves, but also the windmills and many national parks where the lush vegetation to become the main protagonist. who loves good food and good drink, can not refrain from this itinerary on the "road of the cider" to find out all about this drink that is produced from apples grown in many areas of the region.