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    Car hire Oviedo airport - Rent a car in Oviedo

    Oviedo AirportOviedo is the capital of Asturias, the Spanish region of north west; its airport is one of the main gateways to this part of Spain, which can be easily visited by car: from Oviedo, in fact, you can visit the most fascinating cities in all Spain. One of the best ways to get around once you arrive at the airport, is hire a low cost car  at the airport of Oviedo, through the services offered by RentalUp,a car rental services in Oviedo Airport offered by the site is at the top of courtesy and reliability and you need just thing to drive to your final destination.

    Oviedo: the beaches breathtaking sunsets

    Coast of OviedoStarting with the hired car at the airport in Oviedo using RentalUp, in just over half an hour to reach one of the most popular coastal resorts in the region, Cudillero, a small fishing village where you will find the beach of Silence, classic example of Asturian bay, at sunset colors of all shades of red and purple imaginable, creating a magical atmosphere, hanging between time and space, ideal to be alone with his thoughts to enjoy the spectacle of nature. Another very popular seaside resort in the area is the coast of Llanes, is just over 100 km from Oviedo and that is an hour drive from the airport, is known for a physical phenomenon-piece of nature, or jets water and steam escaping from the rocks among which penetrates the ocean in particularly windy day and high tide: it is not geyser, but a phenomenon not within the scope of the indigenous geothermal geysers.

    All Asturian beaches are characterized by high cliffs that protect the shoulders, with the exception of the coastal Salinas, a half hour drive from the airport, formed by a long sandy beach.

    The surroundings of Oviedo: Gijon and Valdes

    GijonContinue west, about 90 km from Oviedo, we arrive at Valdes, with the hired car by RentalUp you arrive in this spectacular village in just over an hour. Valdes is a classic example of Asturian village, dedicated to fishing and tourism, thanks not only to the most beautiful beaches in the region, but also to a wooded expanse that stretches behind it, on the slopes of the Cantabrian Mountains. The city lies on the Rio Negro, which divides it into two, and which characterizes the architecture of the city, full of historic buildings of some importance, now home to museums and permanent exhibitions. The panoramic views are unsurpassed Valdes, the city opens onto the sea and the cliffs on the water, boasting scenarios paradise for tourists. The biggest city in Asturias, Gijon, can be reached in half an hour by one of the vehicles by RentalUp taken at the airport in Oviedo, is a city with a glorious history, which still presents many opportunities cultural tourists: they are in fact, several of the old noble palaces in the city, among which may include the Ayuntamiento, dating back to 800 which is now the Town Hall, and Casa natal Jovellanos, which today has been converted into archaeological Museum of the city. The palaces of Gijon compete with those of Gaudi in Barcelona: 800, in fact, there has been an explosion in the city of Art Nouveau. It is a culturally attractive, crib numerous literary festivals, including the American Book Fair, which is held every year in the city and is curated by Luis Sepulveda, residing in the city.