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    Car rental oviedo - Car hire oviedo

    OviedoCar rental in Oviedo is essential for the tourists who flock to the Spanish town and need a vehicle that allows them to move independently and freedom at any time of the day or night, without having to depend by public transport . It is just the service provided by Alquilering, the Spanish version of RentalUp: a car hire in Oviedo to allow anyone to be able to have a car at a very affordable price.

    On tour between Oviedo and its surroundings

    Monuments in OviedoA tourist route can start from the beautiful fountain of Foncalada, even considered World Heritage by UNESCO:  it is the symbol of Asturias, namely the Victoria Cross carved. On board of the car rented, then, you can follow via Gascona to see the House of Campomanes, a typical example of Baroque art dating from the sixteen hundred. Then, straight to the city center, where stands, of course, the Cathedral, the second place of pilgrimage in the country after Santiago de Compostela. Even here we are in the presence of a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Santa Room, where there is the Cross of the Angels. Not far from the cathedral is situated the palace of Valdecarzare, while to the west lies the Palace of Rua: building civil oldest of Oviedo.

    Back in the car, the route will continue to Toreno's palace and the palace of the Marquis of Camposagradao in square Porlier: luxurious buildings that over time have become cultural landmarks of the city, becoming the seat of respectively 'Royal Institute de Estudios Asturianos and seat of the Court of Justice. Not to be missed, then the house of Oviedo-Portal and the palace of Velarde. It 'clear, in short, that Oviedo offers tourism opportunities in every corner of its city, in a place that mixes in a perfect marriage modernity and historical tradition, Baroque and Romanesque, Gothic and modern. The city comes alive at night, after eleven o clock at night, both in the city center in the pubs, bars and club located in the suburbs, the nights a basis of music and entertainment are the rule. Repository of art, history and beauty (not to mention the culinary tradition, with many dishes of meat), Oviedo is lived from beginning to end, in a car of your choice.

    In short, thanks to the site, for anyone who arrives in Oviedo airport, you can rent a low cost car in a simple and economic way. Oviedo is a city that deserves to be seen in every corner (including the suburbs less urbanized, and for this reason even more rich in history and tradition) could do with a rented car means not to miss even a small piece of this extraordinary place.