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    Car hire in Menorca - Menorca airport car hire

    Airport MenorcaIn contrast to Mallorca and Ibiza, which became home to the most unbridled mass tourism, Menorca is the island of the Balearic archipelago that most of all has managed to maintain its original character intact, untouched and wild. It is a perfect destination for who want a holiday in full contact with nature, where to lord it is the sea, pristine beaches and vegetation of the area. It is a trend in recent years is rapidly becoming. There are now many tourists to the super comfort of accommodation of extra luxury prefer destinations with accommodations much more spartan but making it possible to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

    Menorca, archeology and fine sandy beaches

    Menorca - Beauty IslandOn the other hand Menorca is not only synonymous with beaches and sea, but offers the tourist many attractions that can make your stay unforgettable. Of particular historical interest - are the numerous archaeological megalithic sites scattered almost everywhere in the area. Ancient testimony of how the island was inhabited by indigenous peoples already in the third millennium BC.

    Not to be missed is the "Ciutadella de Menorca" or the ancient capital. Situated in the extreme east side of Menorca is a unique and inimitable city. Getting lost in the main street, you will be overwhelmed by the weight of its history. It 'can be seen next to each other monuments and historical living, nowadays, in a perfect balance, even if they belong to completely different and distant periods. Suffice it to say that Menorca was founded by the Carthaginians before being ruled by the Moors for centuries until the advent of Alfonso III of Aragon, who made it a bulwark of Christian and European culture.

    Moving in Menorca

    City of MenorcaBeing an island, you can reach in several ways first of all using a ferry service. In fact, thanks to the presence of the Airport in Mahon on the same Balearic Islands, the arrival by a flight has become  the mode chosen by the majority of visitors. The airport is served by major airlines in Europe, in particular there are many flights organized by Iberia. Alternatively, you can opt for a low cost airline which often offer the opportunity to book a very cheap flights, Once delivered, the best choice to get around the island and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer is without a doubt to rent a car in MenorcaInside the airport there are many car hire companies open 24 hours a day for taking the car booked in a few minutes. On RentalUp you can book your car easily and fast. It is just fill in the fields in the box at the top of the page indicating your destination (in this case Menorca) and the dates of arrival and departure. In a few moments you will be able to see all the offers made available by partner companies RentalUp depending on the data entered for car rental in Menorca.