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    Bilbao Airport Car Rental

    Bilbao Airport is about 10 km from the centre of the Basque city and is the work of the architect Calatrava: built in concrete and steel, the elegant building on three levels looks like a bird, so that it is sympathetically called “La Paloma” by local people.

    It serves the main national and low-cost airlines such as Lufthansa, Alitalia, British Airways, Air France, Ryanair, EasyJet and Volotea. The car rental at Bilbao Airport is one of the facilities of the hub, in addition to the free Wi-Fi, lounge room, wheelchair access, duty-frees and dining areas.

    The best way to reach Bilbao is picking yourrental car up at Bilbao Airport, after having booked it thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, to discover the beauties of the city in complete freedom.

    Bilbao Airport Car Rental

    Bilbao: points of interest

    Among all the Spanish cities, Bilbao presents itself as the most modern and futuristic one, with an old town that, however, keeps alive the memory of its rich past.

    The undisputed symbol of Bilbao is the Guggenheim, the museum realized in titanium and crystals by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry: the awesomeness of the museum is not only inside, where works by Andy Warhol, Klein and Picasso are exhibited, but also outside: the courtyard, indeed, is crawling with giant sculptures, from the bronze spider to Puppy, a dog realized with 70.000 flowers, and a steel bunch of tulips lying on the lake surrounding the museum, which is enlivened with light and water effects every evening.

    Thanks to the car rental service at Bilbao Airport, you will have the possibility to cross the Zubizuri Bridge, a work by Calatrava: a true architectonical jewel, whose 14-meter-high arch connecting the right bank of the Nervión to the left one, where there are the most modern districts of Bilbao, such as the Indautxu district, where you can find the eccentric multicultural centre Azkuna Zentroa.


    Bilbao: what to see

    Thanks to the car rental at Bilbao Airport, you can reach the XIV-century Casco Vejo of Bilbao: it is very picturesque, among Baroque and Gothic architectures which amaze artists and musicians.

    In the historical heart of Bilbao, on the right bank of the Nervión, there are the Siete Calles, typical streets overlooked by bars where to taste the pintxos and sumptuous buildings such as the neo-baroque Arriaga Theatre, which recalls the Opéra of Paris.

    The XIV-century Tower of the Cathedral of Santiago, restored in Gothic style in the XIX and declared World Heritage by UNESCO, dominates the Casco Vejo: the beauty of the Angel Gate, that leads directly to the cloister, amazes everybody.

    Bilbao Old Town

    Car Rental with no credit card at Bilbao Airport

    Thanks to RentalUp, you can pick your rental car up at Bilbao Airport, also if you do not have a credit card!

    In a few minutes, you can search and choose place, date and time of pickup and delivery. By applying the “with no credit card deposit” filter, you will get a list of cars that you can rent with no credit card. Choose the one you prefer at the best price offered by one of the partners of RentalUp!

    You can pay with debit card (Bancomat, Visa Electron, Mastercard Debit) or prepaid card: the car rental service at Bilbao Airport with no credit card is affordable to everyone!

    Bilbao Airport Car Rental without Credit Card