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    car hire Bilbao - car rental in Bilbao

    BilbaoLooking for a cheap rental car in Bilbao? RentalUp is certainly the right service for you with a professionalism and reliability consolidated over time, offers low cost car rental in Bilbao. Very useful opportunity for all those who are in the Basque city for business or for a simple sightseeing, and who need a vehicle to move quickly and independently. Yes, because the fees charged by taxi drivers in most cases turn out to be really overpriced: and rely on public transport means having to deal with overcrowded facilities, often late and the strikes.

    Bilbao, the capital of the Basque Country

    City of BilbaoBilbao, in fact, is a city that deserves to be explored carefully, going to discover the most remote peripheries of the unknown and the road less traveled: you can only do so relying on a car rented. A tourist itinerary strong impact may take away from the Paseo del Arenal, which is the old part of the city: it is a space that has a large amount of green, where local citizens are found especially in the summer evenings. From there, you can move in the direction of Plaza Nueva, Iberian typical square with bar, tables, galleries and arcades, where you can try a pintxo along with the other tourists. Once back in the car, then you could move the Gothic Cathedral of Santiago, a piece of history in the Old Quarter, then head to the Ria de Bilbao and the famous Teatro Arriaga: to make it happen, it is taken as the starting point Opera in Paris. For those arriving by plane in the Basque city, thanks to, you can, at low cost prices, take a rental car at the airport of Bilbao, saving time and money, being able to easily book online.

    Bilbao, between art and modern buildings

    Monuments of BilbaoBilbao is a city rich in history, repository of art, culture and culinary tradition: you can find confirmation to the bridge next to the theater, and coming to the Plaza Circular, which kicks off the Gran Via, famous throughout the region for the realm of shopping. After a walk along this road, you can get back in the car and move to the Museum of Fine Arts, art gallery located in the Park of Dona Casilda de Iturrizar. After that, the space of Alameda Mazarredo, the road leading to the new part of the city, where other things are located as the famous Guggenheim, the area of Abandoibarra and the Congress called Euskalduna. As you can see, in short, the city of Bilbao offers to tourists, young and old, single or with family, the opportunity to enjoy varied itineraries: In order to fully grasp the beauty, however, it is recommended renting a car such that you can be transferred from one street to another, from one corner to another, from one monument to another, in complete autonomy and quiet, slowly or quickly depending on your needs, to enjoy natural landscapes, buildings, structures, churches and museums.In conclusion, it is worth reiterating that the rental car at the airport of Bilbao, RentalUp is a landmark highly reliable and offers a complete fleet at a very affordable price, while providing assistance excellent. So why not take advantage?