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    car hire Fuerteventura Airport - fuerteventura car rental airport

    Airport in FuerteventuraThe blue sea, a beautiful landscape, a mild and pleasant tropical climate throughout the year, not far from Europe: these are the characteristics that make Fuerteventura the ideal place for a peaceful and relaxing holidays.The flora and vegetation with a variety of native species, fauna with exotic fish, sea turtles, many birds of a different kind, among which parrots and canaries make this island a very interesting destination. The hiring of a car is the most convenient way that allows you to be free to move in this area and reach the most hidden discovering all the features of this environment. Thank Rentalup you  can booked through the online network, a car without difficulty and arrive on the scene with the vehicle already available.

    Moving to Fuerteventura

    FuerteventuraArriving by plane is easy to find car rental at the airport of Fuerteventura and rely on a car to be used to explore a pristine territory. Rentalup offers you this opportunity allowing you to move in the island by car.

    The main roads of the island are in good condition and allow you to quickly move from the north to the south. The airport is located near the capital Puerto del Rosario and a few minutes from the beaches, including the famous Caleta de Fuste, the low cost car rental at Fuerteventura airport is the best solution to visit the island and reside freely.

    Discover the wonders of the island

    Coast of FuerteventuraThe town of Puerto del Rosario is the largest town of the island is characterized by a plant-like with straight streets. The white square houses with balconies full of flowers are inflenzate style of Arab architecture.Around the town there are many beaches, such as Playa Blanca, Playa del Matorral, Playa del Castello and Playa Pozo Negro, where you can spend moments of relaxation.To the north, at the tipis located Corralejo, a former fishing village which has become a tourist center with many services.From Puerto del Rosario, heading towards the center of the island, with a rental car, you get to Antigua in the surroundings where you can see different windmills still in good preservation. Then continue to Betancuria, a place that deserves attention for its wealth of monuments, churches, monasteries, palaces bear witness to the historical and artistic value of the island. With a rental car, you can reach the south of the island, the area which has the greatest number of beaches characterized by fine sand and crystal clear waters.

    Gran Tarajal and Taralejo are some of the most famous bays with beautiful and sheltered from the wind. The center town of Pajara belongs to the southern part of the island and the surrounding landscape is characterized by mountains and valleys with special landscapes. Finally you can explore the peninsula of Jandia, characterized by beautiful beaches. A wonderful tour that can be realized through a cheap car rental, at the airport of Fuerteventura. It is the best way to fully enjoy the beauty of the island.