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    Fuerteventura Airport Car Rental

    Fuerteventura Airport is a few miles away from the city of Puerto del Rosario and, originally built as a military airport, it was turned into a commercial one through continuous renovation and expansion works over the years, to face the ever-increasing number of tourists.

    We suggest you to book a rental car to move in complete freedom during your vacation in Fuerteventura; once landed at Fuerteventura Puerto del Rosario Airport, you will have the possibility to pick your rental car up, previously booked on RentalUp, and reach Puerto del Rosario, that is only 5 km from the airport, and set off to discover the island of the Canaries directly from there.

    Fuerteventura Airport Car Rental

    A Spanish island, in front of Africa

    The archipelago of the Canaries consists of 7 biggest islands and many smaller ones, all of them of volcanic origin; even if they are in front of the African coast, they are part, as an independent community, of Spain.

    The car rental in Fuerteventura is the most practical and freest way to move throughout this land. Thanks to RentalUp, you can easily book a car online and arrive at the location with a vehicle at your disposal.

    Fuerteventura, with its chief town in Puerto del Rosario, is the second largest island of the Canaries and the nearest one to the African coast, from which it is less than 100 km away. What distinguishes Fuerteventura is its very wide beaches with white and fine sand, but also the dark beaches with the volcanic gravel, in front of a crystal-clear sea.

    Fuerteventura Island
    Fuerteventura Beach

    Curiosities about Fuerteventura

    The island is just above the Tropic of Cancer and on the same latitude as the Caribbean, Florida and Hawaii and, thanks to its position, the sky is really unique here, offering a blinding light that makes everything glow.

    Fuerteventura is characterised by microclimates that variate from area to area: it is not unusual to go from rain to sunshine just a few km further.

    There is a mysterious legend about Vila Winter, now forgotten and abandoned, which is near the village of Cofete. At the base of the highest mountain in the island, in a desert and barren area, there is this isolated building, that is told to have been inhabited by a sympathizer of the Nazi regime, who used to welcome here submarines and planes. This fact is not confirmed by any evidence, but the desolation of the place has fed these sinister legends.

    You can go on a wonderful tour thanks to the car rental at Fuerteventura Airport. This is the best way to fully enjoy the beauty of the island.


    Car Rental with no credit card at Fuerteventura Airport

    Thanks to RentalUp, you can pick your rental car up at Fuerteventura Airport, also if you do not have a credit card!

    In a few minutes, you can search and choose place, date and time of pickup and delivery. By applying the “with no credit card deposit” filter, you will get a list of cars that you can rent with no credit card. Choose the one you prefer at the best price offered by one of the partners of RentalUp!

    You can pay with debit card (Bancomat, Visa Electron, Mastercard Debit) or prepaid card: the car rental service at Fuerteventura Airport with no credit card is affordable to everyone!

    Fuerteventura Airport Car Rental without Credit Card