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    Lanzarote Airport Car Rental

    Car Rental Lanzarote Arrecife Airport

    Situated at only 5 km from Arrecife city, Lanzarote Airport represents a crucial hub for the European flights. Every year hundreds of travellers transit right in this airport.

    Its construction dates back to 1930s, when it became necessary to realize an airport in Lanzarote to easily connect it both to the continent and to the other islands. Over the time, this airport has proved to be so important to compel to project and realize one more ramp and to install various cutting-edge technical instruments.

    Reaching the most important places of the island from the airport is really easy. The best thing to do is to rent a car; once landed in Lanzarote Arrecife Airport you will have the opportunity to easily pick your rental car up, booked thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, to move in complete freedom and not have to deal with the rigid public transportation timetables.

    Lanzarote Arrecife Airport Car Rental

    What to do in Lanzarote

    A thing is certain: who wants to organize a journey or a vacation in Lanzarote must love the sea. On this island of the archipelagos of Canaries, indeed, you have the possibility to enjoy the sea and the beach in every period of the year and, right for this reason, Lanzarote is considered one of the ideal destinations not only for summer vacations but also for winter travels.

    But the city of Canaries islands is not only synonymous of sea. In this wonderful island there is also the possibility to discover the local specialties, going to one of the typical restaurants you absolutely cannot miss. Those who love excursions and have no intention of missing the occasion to discover also the most hidden corners of the island cannot miss organizing a walk near the inactive volcanic crater.

    Desert of Lanzarote

    The famous places of Lanzarote

    North from Arrecife, chief town of the island, in the hinterland, you can, instead, arrive to Teguise, the ancient capital city of the island: a city with 500 years of history, where the antiquity is intertwined with modernity.

    Thanks to the car rental at Lanzarote Airport, therefore, discovering the wildest and most fascinating one of Canaries islands from a naturalistic point of view will be a child’s play. It is worth, for example, to get to the North-East part, where there is La Geria. Here you can find the best and widest wine production.

    On the North-West coast, instead, you can go to Famara, a destination very frequented by tourists, even though it remains a quiet and silent place, and with one of the longest beaches of Lanzarote, that arrives to Risco de Famara. With the rental car you will easily get to the top, from where you can admire, nestled into the blue, the islets of Chinijo archipelagos.

    At the extreme North of Lanzarote, it is worth also a visit to Haria, famous for its characteristic craftsmanship’s market and for its green and lush vegetation. But, before to leave the Northern area, we suggest you to get to the coast of Orzola, to dip into the crystal-clear sea and sunbath at least for a few hours on its wonderful beaches. Moreover, during a tour with the car rented in Lanzarote, you cannot miss a visit to the castles of San José.

    This island can offer some of the most suggestive sceneries in the world, so it is worth to have a look at the numerous natural reserves. Among them, at about 30 km from Arrecife, you will find the National Park Timanfaya. This is the name of one of the villages that between 1730 and 1736 were destroyed by one of the numerous eruptions of the volcanos of the island. Nowadays, indeed, the landscape is burnt, rocky and without signs of life.

    The low-cost car rental at Lanzarote Airport, therefore, is the only way to reach unique corners of the island, one of which is the crater of El Golfo, immersed into the green lagoon.


    Curiosities about Lanzarote

    Only few people know that in some periods of the year Lanzarote island is literally hit by particularly strong sirocco winds, carrying sand from Sahara Desert.

    Sometimes, the sand carried by the wind create a true barrier that makes the visibility difficult and create a very particular effect. In these periods, it is advisable for tourists and inhabitants of the island to properly close doors and windows to avoid to have to deal with a blanket of sand hard to remove.

    Another curiosity about Lanzarote you should keep in mind is about wine. Thanks to a particular conformation of the ground, the wine produced in Lanzarote has a special taste, that over the time has got many international awards.

    Curiosities about Lanzarote

    Car Rental with no credit card at Lanzarote Airport

    Thanks to RentalUp, you can pick your rental car up at Lanzarote Airport, also if you do not have a credit card!

    In a few minutes, you can search and choose place, date and time of pickup and delivery. By applying the “with no credit card deposit” filter, you will get a list of cars that you can rent with no credit card. Choose the one you prefer at the best price offered by one of the partners of RentalUp!

    You can pay with debit card (Bancomat, Visa Electron, Mastercard Debit) or prepaid card: the car rental service with no credit card at Lanzarote Airport is affordable to everyone!

    Lanzarote Airport Car Rental without Credit Card