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    Car rental Tenerife Airport North - Car hire Tenerife Airport

    Airport Tenerife NorthBathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and in terms of land mass and population. Despite its geographical position, which sees a short distance from the coast of Morocco and the Sahara desert, Tenerife boasts a mild climate absolutely for the entire year. This is thanks to the beneficial effect of the winds coming from the ocean that continuously ensure cool the area. On the island of Tenerife there are two airports that proportional to relatively small part of the territory emphasize its well known tourist destination. The first of these is the airport Tenerife - North (also known as Airport "Los Rodeos"). There are many flights are made available by different airlines like Ryanair and easy jet that can reach Tenerife. For those arriving by plane, RentalUp, allows you a  low cost rental car at the airport of Tenerife North.

    The beauties of Tenerife

    TenerifeEvery tens years thousands of visitors flock to the streets of the island mostly attracted by the beautiful beaches of volcanic nature. Beaches made even more beautiful by the contrast created by the black color of the rocks and the white foam of the waves. Among other things, its volcanic nature is also evidenced by the topology of the area that sees considerable stretches of steep surface with very pronounced. The beauties of Tenerife do not end at all but its beautiful beaches. Among the many attractions of the island there is no doubt the Teide National Park, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In fact it is the crater of a huge volcano (the third largest in the world) and at the same time is the highest peak in Spain. During your stay on the island can not be exempt from visiting the beautiful churches of "San Cristóbal", the "Cathedral of La Laguna" and the "Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria" in their style that brings to mind the glories of the colonial period. As usual, the best way to admire these beauties in all quiet and relaxing is to rent a car in Tenerife just arrived on the island in order to be able to move freely without any problem and especially without any time restrictions and whatever. By partnering with the best international car rental companies, our website offers the possibility to book the desired car easily and directly from your home or office and then find it ready to go just landed in Tenerife.