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    Car rental in Cantabria - Car hire in Cantabria

    Spain is a top tourist destination that offers no-stop fun at all hours of the day (and night of course), but also rich nation of almost mystical place full of charm. Cantabria has always been praised for a very favorable climate that goes well with a very lush vegetation.

    Cantabria: archaeological and tourist area

    cantabriaThe city of Cantabria is one of the most known and appreciated in the same province.

    Its international success comes from a level of conservation that is really hard to believe until you see with your own eyes: green is the color ruler of the town during most months of the year and its many tints and shades offer landscapes of rare quality, all to discover.

    The region is also well known to lovers of archeology and researchers traveling. Renting a car in the area, it is cheap and affordable for everyone, RentalUp in Cantabria offers countless ways to provide ease of movement in safety.

    Cantabria has in fact the number of archaeological sites dating back to the Paleolithic highest in the world and it is not uncommon to get caught up in a time when being organized excursions for tourists, but also scenic tours.

    RentalUp allows to always be connected with centers of greater interest thanks to an efficient service and can be activated in a few minutes. For those arriving in Santander, well known university city and a bishopric, it is desirable to visit the Spanish city, hire a cheap car in Santander. If your want to dedicate lots to proposals from the region of Cantabria, certainly will not want to miss the opportunity to plan ahead with the next steps.

    Tradition and gastronomy of green Cantabria

    Gastronomy in CantabriaA region like this could certainly not exhibit its typical bright green even on the table.

    The typical dishes of Cantabria include a variety of soups that enhance the quality of products made from local crops, especially legumes and vegetables. Do not miss sweet specialties like the famous sobaos.

    For those who are convinced that the region can offer only a journey of historical, nothing could be more wrong. For those arriving by plane in the city of Santander, thanks to RentalUp you can in comfort and ease by choosing from a wide range of models, rent a car at the airport of Santander. Cantabria is in fact famous throughout Spain for its highly valuable thermal springs which every year are literally targeted travelers is nothing better than a relaxing soak in the pure waters of the area to wash away any problem and engage in a relaxing physical and mental health.

    Not only that, but for the fanatics of the beaches there are countless solutions involving the pristine coastline of the region. The low-cost service offered by RentalUp you will not lose anything these attractions.