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    Car rental in Castile and Leon - Hire car in Castile and Leon

    Among the autonomous communities of Spain we can trace places of great interest to many travelers grass, rich in history but also much more modern attractions and therefore also suitable for a youth tourism. Castile and Leon is just one of these regions can boast one of the most varied and complete naturalistic heritage of European territory and rich traditions that make it an intriguing and really fascinating. Hire a low cost Car in Castile and live your avventure in absolute freedom.

    Castile and Leon, two kingdoms in a dream

    Cathedral in LeonWhen we speak of Castile and Leon is good to distinguish the two realms that distinguish this region although it is a unified territory we find the Old Castile and the kingdom of León, diversified areas by some historical elements that share a favorable climate, pristine landscapes and areas ideal for excursions.  Just for the traveler who can never sit still, the Spanish region is ideal. Hire a car in Castile and Leon is the most simple you can do thanks to RentalUp.

    Almost 50 wildlife sanctuaries and planned access for tourists and visitors offer suggestions for tours immersed in nature almost endless: RentalUp offers to the customers a method of direct approach to these places by car rental services truly intuitive and efficient. If you find yourself in the picture of the hiker that can not possibly miss any little nook and cranny of the place where it is located, you can count on a valuable ally. You can reach Leon, by plane, and you can take a rental car at the airport of Leon, exploring the city at your leisure. The monuments of the region are varied and establish a route that includes all of them is very difficult.

    Speaking of Castile and Leon, you may want to hire a car in Valladolid and visit the Spanish city in complete relaxation. You can reach this wonderful Iberian glimpse by plane and RentalUp, offers you the opportunity to take a car rental at the airport of Valladolid.

    The National Park of Picos is one of the largest natural institutions at the European level and ideal for not losing touch with nature typical of these places, but if you are interested in something more alternative, you can organize a visit to Las Médulas, one of the few gold mining can be visited in the open.

    The culinary tradition of Castile and León

    Wonderful Paella If you love spicy meat served strictly on the table, you can  loving this region.

    Castile and Leon is in fact one of the most famous for the quality of the second Spanish dishes and excels in particular in the preparation of lambs in milk, which are treated from birth by local farmers and then be offered in various sauces and combinations. Not only that, sausages of all kinds are emphasized more dishes from local cuisine that is well matched wines really appreciated as the Ribera del Duero, obtained directly from the cultivation of Green Spain.