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    Car hire in Leon - Renting a car in Leon

    LeonEasily accessible by car from the airport of the same name (6 km from the airbase Virgen del Camino), crossing the highway N-120 León-Astorga, Leon appears to be one of the most visited northern cities of the Iberian Peninsula. A good idea to safely explore the city and the surrounding area, full of charming small towns and picturesque, is to book a rental car in León. Order to have available a cheap car rental service in Leon, contact RentalUp, you will easily find the vehicle you want at truly competitive prices.

    Monuments of Leon: artistic prestige

    Monuments of LeonCity of art, rich in Roman times and the Middle Ages, Leon lies at the confluence of two rivers Bernesga and thorium. For those arriving by plane in the Castilian town, you can take at low cost prices a rental car at the airport of Leon. Founded in the first century BC by a Roman legion, in the eleventh century it became a stop on the Camino de Santiago, an ancient route taken by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Among the major tourist attractions not to be missed:

    The Cathedral de León, church Gathic inspired, medieval rich of glass (well 1765 square meters) dating back to the period between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. Inside the church there is the tomb of King Ordono II;

    The Real de San Isidoro Collegiata, complex consisting of a Roman church, a museum, a library and the pantheon. Initially the monastery was built in honor of St. John the Baptist, following after deposition within the framework of the remains of the body of Saint Isidore the name was changed. In the mausoleum are preserved the bodies of the kings of Leon. In the halls of the museum you can admire one of the collections of paintings in the Romanesque style most significant and important in the world;

    Casa de los Botines (located in the Plaza de San Marcelo) in medieval style with modern features, one of the first works of the great architect Gaudi. Today the building is home to a bank (Caja España), which allowed the renovation;

    Palacio Conde de Luna, XIV century palace, hosted for many years, the Inquisition. After the restoration work became the seat of the Spanish University of Washington;

    Palacio de los Guzmanes built in 1560 for want of Juan Quiñones y Guzmánbishop of Calahorra, home since 1882 of the Diputación Provincial de León;

    Murallas romanas, a fortification from the Roman period (built between the first and fourth centuries) that surrounds the city.

    For art lovers are also many museums:

    Museum of León of Piazza Santo Domingo in Building Pallares. The visit offers a complete overview of the history of the city and its environs starting from prehistoric times until you get to the Renaissance and the Baroque period;

    The Museum of the Real Basilica de San Isidoro with the pantheon of the kings, relief some unique and rare pieces, including a chalice made of agate encrusted and a bible manuscript and engraved;

    The Diocesan Museum Catedralicio de León at the cathedral of the same name with a major exhibition of the Roman era;

    The MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León) with contemporary art exhibition.

    Taking advantage of the car rental services in Leon offered by RentalUp you can easily reach the Caves of Valporquero in Vegacervera (about 55 km from Leon). Considered the largest in the north of Spain, has been prepared a trail for the visitors (approximately 4 km in length) to admire the numerous and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.