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    Car rental in Catalonia - Hiring a car in Catalonia

    Catalonia, one of the most popular tourist destination, it is definitely a land to discover, with RentaluP you can move with complete independence, you can hire a low cost Car in Catalonia moving, without any constraint related to public transport and to enjoy this wonderful region.

    Costa Brava beaches and fun of Catalonia

    coast bravaIn Catalonia you can move from the world-famous Costa Brava to Barcelona, Girona and go to admire the Pyrenees; You can come by plane and at low cost prices take a rental car at the airport of Girona. For who will want to enjoy the beauty of the city in peace and comfort,, offers you the possibility to book a car rental in Girona. The first stop is definitely the Costa Brava, it is ideal for lovers of sandy beaches, golden, secluded and relaxing, this aspect is in contrast to the term "good," which in Spanish means "wild" . It is a land truly polymorphic, the tranquility of the beaches clashes with the nightlife, friendly people alternates to the sweet and gentle notes of sea breeze. For those who love the entertainment and "fun" should be visited Lloret de Mar and Blanes, those who prefer a less hectic holiday, it may spend some days really quiet in Cadaques and Roses; Not only fun though, especially Cadaques offers art and culture. It 'was the goal of many artists, first of all Salvador Dali, Picasso, Garcia Lorca and many others, the city has two magnificent museums, the Museu More d'art Grafic Europeu e il Museu d'art  are full of drawings and important works. That said, you can also make a jump in Reus, once famous for the production of Brandy and visit the town in the province of Tarragona. You can rent a car in Reus and immerse yourself in this part of the charm. Can be reached easily by plane from Barcelona and thanks to the services of RentalUp, all at low cost prices you can take a car rental at the airport of Reus, the birthplace of Gaudi.

    Barcelona, the Catalan capital

    Sunset in BarcelonaFrom the Costa Brava, with a comfortable low cost car rented in Catalonia, you can move into one of the most beautiful city, full of art and fun in Spain: Barcelona, a must is a visit to the Old City (known in Spanish Ciudad vella). Once you arrive to enjoy the beauty of Catalonia, you can take a car rental in Barcelona, at reasonable prices. The area is very special for the richness and the preponderance of the Gothic style, the cathedral is definitely the "cult" of style and many tourists flock to the square outside to admire its grandeur and majesty, not far away is the beautiful church of Santa Maria of the Bar. Can be reached by plane and at low cost prices you can take a car rental at the airport El Prat airport in Barcelona. You can not avoid a visit to the famous "Ramblas", the heart of the city is the tourist lively both day and night, is made up of five tree-lined avenues that form a single road, well a kilometer down to the sea where you can admire the huge statue of Christopher Columbus. There is also the symbol of the city, the Sagrada Familia, it is a never-ending structure but it does not matter to tourists inside are the remains of the artist who designed it: Salvador Dali. Then there is Girona, here you can visit the "Cases penjades" features pastel-colored houses near the river Onyar, the Cathedral, the Juderia and more; from the point of view of landscape you can admire the beautiful Pyrenees, from up there the view is truly breathtaking, a unique experience. In short, Catalonia or "Catalunya" is a land of a thousand faces, unique places, fun places but also relaxing where everything has a family flavor. All places be visited with a convenient  and low cost rental car that reflects your needs , all these just thanks to RentalUp.