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    Rental cars Barcelona - Cheap car rental Barcellona

    BarcelonaBarcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain, both for its beauty and for the ease with which you can reach it. It is the capital of Catalonia and has a population of over 3,000,000 inhabitants.Once in the plane, RentalUp offers tourists or those who have to travel to the city for work, a rental car at the airport of "Barcelona-El Prat", satisfying the most of own needs and allowing you to have the maximum freedom of movement.

    Barcelona: Sagrada Familia and the Ramblas

    Monuments of BarcelonaBarcelona is full of monuments, museums, attractions and entertainment, and there is no better way to visit them by a rental car. The reference for car rental in Barcelona is RentalUp, present in different locations in the city, also allows you to have the low cost rates and be able to move about the city freely and without timetables. One of the most visited monuments in Barcelona is the "Sagrada Familia", known throughout the world because of its history. Designed by the inspiration of genius Antoni Gaudí, while being completely open to visitors, is still under construction since 1882. It is supposed to be completed by the year 2020, but its beauty is unmatched even today. The towers of the Sagrada Familia can be seen by the whole city. Even if you arrive by sea, you can take advantage of car rental services in Barcelona and unloading of the ship, RentalUp is ready to provide a car and meet your needs. Another area which is visited by every tourist who goes to Barcelona are the "Ramblas". The Ramblas is a street that starts from the central Placa Catalunja and reaches the old port, where you can find street performers, shops, restaurants painters ect. In the middle of La Rambla is the famous and colorful place "Market Buqueria" is normally attended every day by the Spanish and the thousands of tourists who visit it out of curiosity.

    The museums and the beaches of Barcelona

    Coast of BarcelonaA large city like Barcelona is definitely worth a thorough visit, and the best way to do this is definitely take a rental car with the help of RentalUp. There are numerous museums to visit in Barcelona, among which are the Fundació Joan Miró, in which you can admire the works of the famous painter Moroccan and Pablo Picasso Museum, which preserves the best works by the artist. Barcelona also has many parks to visit within very easy with a rental car. One of the most famous is the "Parc Guell" also the result of the design of Gaudi, is located in the district of Gracia. The city is also famous for its coastline, which stretches for about 5 kilometers of beaches, all equipped with the facilities of shower, umbrella, bar, dining and services.