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    Cars for rent in Girona - Hiring a car in Girona

    GironaCar rental in Girona has never been so cheap thanks to RentalUpa car hire in Girona that allows you to have a car and staff at any time, using it as and where you want, without any time restrictions. For a tourist who arrives in Girona by train or plane, in fact, be able to rely on a machine instead of having to depend on public transport. The only way to see the city in all its angles, even the less known and more distant from the center, consists therefore in order to rent a car from Girona.

    Artistic and cultural tour of the beauties of Girona

    GironaGirona can be considered without doubt a place that deserves to be visited with special care. To begin with, for example, from the Chapel of St. Nicholas (San Niccolau), a small church in the Gothic style, dating back to late 1100, in which they were found even the writings of the twelfth century. The sightseeing tour of the city in the car rented, then, can continue with San Pere de Galligants, a former monastery built - it is said - by Ramon Berenguer, inhabited for centuries by a Benedictine community. After that, you can move to the house of Pia Almoina, which in medieval times was a charity of fundamental importance to the side of the Palace of Justice in the city.

    Clearly a must to be done a stop  in a typical restaurant, where you can taste the local delicacies, meat. After this, you can direct go in the direction of Girona Art Museum, housed in the Bishop's Palace, where there are artefacts recovered throughout the province. It is worth noting, moreover, that the side of the building there is a Romanesque chapel dedicated to St. Salvator, the saint patron of the city. A sightseeing tour of respect, then, you will have to live the city at night. Starting at eleven o'clock Girona is transformed loading emotions and sensations. Being able to move from one place to another in the city, with music and entertainment, it is essential to take full advantage of the vitality of this place, marked by cordiality and sympathy of the people, as well as - of course - not only by the beauty historic buildings and monuments.

    As you can see, for who arrive at the airport in Girona, low cost car rental represents an exceptional opportunity, made possible by RentalUp: an always-on service, at an affordable price content, the result of expertise and experience. Why be forced to pay a taxi driver tens of Euros for a trip of a few miles? Why be forced to depend on times and routes of public transport, often late, always crowded and sometimes on strike (not to mention that at night their service runs out)? Much better, therefore, to rely on a car rented, it makes sense to take advantage of an offer like that.