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    Low cost car at Reus airport - Car rental in Reus

    Airport ReusHow many Spanish destinations are taken each year targeted by tourists from all over the world? Reus is one of the less well known but not undeserving of attention: in his province is second only to population density, but also a small place like this can hide surprises.

    Reus, a city rich in tradition

    ReusThe city of Reus is one of the most varied Spanish view and although not to the levels of megacities like Valencia or Barcelona,it still manages to offer a high level of entertainment. From here come many food products of international reputation and in particular quality wines established throughout the country. Commercial activity really moved to a town with small claims and really want to do.The culinary side is not the only boast of Reus. We find a much wider cultural sector is evident in the presence of the birthplace of a famous architect, Antoni Gaudi: various exhibitions and events related to the life of this artist who is well intertwined with the presence of museums and exhibitions tones more generalized.

    Sports and leisure activities in Reus

    Mountains in ReusThe sport is definitely frowned upon in this delightful lesser-known parts of Spain and mountain climbing path is what is particularly well known and requested by the willing in the process of entering into a different kind of experience. RentalUp allows you to have quick access to leading these attractions, offering the customer a car hire simple and immediate tones. Need a car? There is nothing easier. Just drive you can visit some of the best local events that regularly attract millions of visitors: it is mostly of annual festivals organized to celebrate a special day, as is the case for June 29 and the so-called Sant Pere. There is no better time to indulge in habits and customs of the place. Another event of great importance is the festival of photography that takes place every two years and involves artists from all over the world engaged in a style that is defined as Post-Alternative.

    The hinterland of Reus

    City of ReusRentalUp offers a direct communication with the transport of Reus, ensuring impeccable service also with regard to the area of the city airport.Salou is the name of the structure (shared with a small urban center of the province) directly connected to centers of interest such as airports of La Pineda and Cambrils: the service is impeccable and allows you to reach the desired goal within a few hours even on long distances. You can opt for the ever-day Barcelona, or move relatively little to admire the beauty of the local landscape.There really is no limit to the possibilities! And with the service RentalUp, everything becomes easier.