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    Low cost car rental Extramadura - Hire cars in Exstremadura

    The extremadura
     is a region in south-central Spain, which lies on the border with Portugal, little known to Italian tourism, presents landscapes and attractions that deserve more consideration. The region is not connected with an international airport is a small airport in Badajoz, the most populous city, where arrived only domestic flights and from here you can then take a tour of this Spain for landscapes and nature resembles more the neighboring Portugal. The walking holiday, even if public transport is efficient, it is much more attractive if it is made with a car at your disposal with which you are completely independent, with which you can also grant deviations from the path to discover the typical small villages that allow to know the reality of this area of Spain considered marginal from the point of view of tourism. The advice is to contact a car rental in Extremadura, perhaps directly at the small airport of Badajoz and once in possession of a car you can begin to discover the area that extends partly on the Meseta, the uplands occupies most of the Iberian peninsula and whose soils have a particular reddish color.

    Badajoz: the heart of Extremadura

    Wonderful colours of sunset in BadajozBadajoz, on the border with Portugal, has a very special charm that comes from the fact that it saw many civilizations, here there are gothic architecture side by side with those who are influenced by Renaissance Lusitanian and Moorish arts. To explore the surroundings, it is really helpful to take a car hire in Badajoz and discover all the villages of great interest: the fortified Alburquerque completely enclosed by ancient walls in the center of which stands a castle, a few kilometers at the border, there is the defense complex of Elvas. Then there are natural parks, first of all Monfrague where you can spot vultures and golden eagles in the mountains, the Cornalvo a strange where there is a dam horn-shaped and the Tajo Internacional where lakes and rocks alternate to be the habitat of prey such as vultures and buzzards. For those arriving by plane, you can take a low cost car rental at the airport of Badajoz.

    Merida and Caceres: the beauty of Extremadura

    Merida and CaceresCar rental in Extremadura is also possible to Merida, the capital, which can be considered as a small Rome to the presence of numerous Roman ruins and has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage Site. An ancient and majestic bridge cuts through the Guadiana, the theater is one of the few in the world that has preserved almost all of the architectural structure of the scene and then again the amphitheater, the temple of Diana, the aqueduct, the patrician houses. The Arabs have left traces of their passage with the Alcazaba built on Roman ruins and of course there are the churches from the fourteenth century Gothic cathedral. Nearby there are also Alange with Castillo and the Roman baths, the beautiful medieval village of Almendalejo and Lake Proserpine, the reservoir created by the Romans two thousand years ago to collect water intended for Merida.

    You can find a cheap car rental in Extremadura also in  Caceres, a place that is a must visit. "The city of storks", so called because the majestic birds nest on rooftops, towers and bell towers of the old districts, has a historic center declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, which has beautifully preserved buildings and the urban fabric of the past. It 's the postcard of a Spain of the past that offers wonderful Caceres.