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    Car rental at the airport Badajoz - Hiring a car at the airport Badajoz

    Airport BadajozBadajoz is an integral part of the Spanish cities enclosed in so-called independent locations.It is mostly urban complexes of small / medium entities that offer travelers traveling a number of suggestions for an alternative holiday and relaxing, often Like most direct competitors listed as the great metropolis of the central area. The fun is guaranteed, both for young travelers and families.

    Badajoz: where culture and religion come together

    BadajozThe community of Badajos is best known for being both a historical level Episcopalian and university.It also shows that it has given fame and notoriety to several Renaissance artists and is therefore a destination pretty coveted by aspiring painters: the city itself is home to a School of Fine Arts opened to the public during certain periods of the year where you can obtain information relating to courses, works  and more.The Cathedral of San Juan is probably the most visible and recognized monument in this small village.It is a building complex dating back to the early thirteenth century which has undergone many renovations up to be also used as a museum and exhibition center for various cultural works of thickness related to the site.

    History of Badajos and links

    Monuments of BadajozBadajos is one of the townrichest of archaeological sites in this region of Spain. RentalUp allows you to easily take part in excursions and related activities that are regularly organized for tourists and citizens of the province, a car rental service is fast, easy and guaranteed. The need to reach places adjacent to the city center puts the traveler in the position of having to necessarily make use of a vehicle. If you want to enjoy the attractions that the city has to offer, you can not miss the opportunity.

    Talavera la Real: an airport with multiple connections

    City of BadajozTalavera la Real is the official airport of Badajos. Talavera la Real is named a micro-urban center just touching the 5000 inhabitants and connects these lesser-known small companies in Spain with the great metropolis of the county: Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid The structure was established initially as a military airport, used later to accommodate the tourist thanks to a level of considerable extent, given the type of place where it rises. The low-cost RentalUp service is also available for Talavera la Real and covers every area of this Spanish side. As with many other towns of small entities, even Badajos is rich in traditions that lead to annual festivals and religious celebrations such as the one held during Semana Santa. Visit the city during the Easter celebrations is the ideal way to observe the most of the festive spirit: decorations everywhere and frequent rites of folkloristic will keep you company for the duration of your stay.