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    Car rental in Badajoz - Cheapest car rental in Badajoz

    BadajozLocated on the border with Portugal, Badajoz is a small Spanish town which in recent years has been attracting many visitors from all over the continent. A trend that continues to grow unabated by bringing together in a small town many tourists.

    Badajoz: an alternative destination to visit Spain

    Monuments in BadajozBadajoz is a perfect choice for those who are tired of the usual destinations in the area overcrowded with prices almost always high. Ideal for those who prefer less famous places, but where you have the opportunity to experience the traditions and local culture, immersing yourself completely in the places where you are located. The best way to get around Badajos is by car.

    RentalUp a car allows you to run around freely for the wonderful streets of the town and surrounding areas. The presence in the territory of ancient fortifications such as castles and manors of feudal times fail to give the visitor the unique sensations. Getting lost in the mountain roads surrounded by these giants, witnesses of past times, gives the impression of traveling through time.Using the service provided by our site you can book in a few simple steps the solution of car rental that suits your needs both in economic terms and in relation to the type of car you prefer to drive to meet this wonderful experience. Even according to the route chosen will be able to choose the type of car best suited to your path from the small car, for those who decide to move mainly on asphalted until the SUV for those planning trips to more adventurous on dirt roads or without any of asphalt. Even for  who arrive by plane, you can, thanks to RentalUp, at low cost prices take a rental car at the airport of Badajoz.

    Badajoz: the city of painters

    Badajoz: City of paintersBadajoz is a perfect destination for all those who love art, especially painting. By a strange coincidence are several world-class artists who have seen their birth to Badajoz. Among them there was also the main Spanish painter of the Renaissance, Luis de Morales (1509-1586) known as "El Divino". Among other things, the town hosts the famous School of Fine Arts Covarsì, among the most important and prestigious the whole of Spain, in addition to the "Museo de Bellas Artes" where you can admire paintings and sculpture by artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

    Just as beautiful and worthy of note are the "Catedral de San Juan", the "Puerta de las Palmas" and the ancient fortress of "Alcazaba" all destinations that will delight any lover of architecture but also ordinary visitors who appreciate the style and beauty of works of timeless art. In short Badajoz is a place to discover little at a time that will give the tourists unforgettable moments. To be surrounded by the beauty of the place you just have to book the trip and remember to hire a car from our portal. A choice that will allow a minimum charge of making the most of your stay in the Iberian town away from the smog and stress of everyday.