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    Car Rental in La Coruna - Car Hire La Coruna

    La CorunaCar rental in La Coruna is a must for all those who come in the Galician capital by train or by plane and need a vehicle to move from one part of the city in complete independence and total freedom, without be forced to spend tens of Euros for a taxi ride. Thanks to RentalUp is not only available, but even this is a very affordable prices: car rental in La Coruna has never been so cheap.

    La Coruna: Spanish gem

    Coast of La CorunaA complete touristic itinerary in La Coruna can start from the coffee L'Arc, a beautiful bar located near the Casa Pastor, that is the home of Alvarez De Castro. In this place found themselves artists, intellectuals and bohemians: in short, it was a veritable banquet, where you can still breathe the cultural climate of the time. Once back in the car, then, the Tour of La Coruna must make a stop at the port, theater has always been of major historic events involving the city (for example, the defeat of Francis Drake, the famous English privateer, took place in 1589 to by Maria Pita). The sea and the wind smells give exceptional and hardly forgettable: Of course, you can give up a lunch in one of the traditional restaurants of the place, with dishes based on fish. The tourist route continues towards the Science Museum, the emblem of the most cultural and modern city at the same time. It should be stressed that La Coruna is a territory with great views, and go in the machine allows you to enjoy every corner, even the most unknown, with the attention they deserve.It is clear, then, that only relying on a rental car, you can live this pearl of Spain.

    Architectural styles to admire

    Monuments La CorunaGalicia can be enjoyed in all its beauty. Once you land, you can rent a car at the airport of La Coruna. In this city, you can admire a great mix of architectural styles, such as the Baroque style of the Church of the Capuchins, dating back to the eighteenth century, or the Church of San Jorge, located not far from the first, yet, as one might admire the convent of Santo Domingo, with the chapel dedicated to the patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario, an eighteenth-century façade and spectacular. In Maria Pita Square, which is the nerve center of La Coruna, you can then look at the Town Hall: almost monumental building, without a doubt elegant, in which the showy domes on the three towers and galleries offer the viewer the feeling of majesty difficult to beat. Not far away, there is a museum dedicated to Emilia Pardo Bazan, the most important Galician writer, emblem of Spanish literature of the nineteenth century. Also in the center of La Coruna, finally, do not miss the Garden of San Carlos. Here, nature, history, tradition and landscapes merge in a unique wedding. See all of this quickly and on a budget would not be possible to have a car rented.

    A economic car rental in La Coruna can be done easily by RentalUp ensuring professionalism and expertise, which provides a very useful and inexpensive service. So why not take advantage?