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    Car rental Vigo airport - Hire cars Vigo

    Vigo AirportVigo is the capital of the region of Galicia, near the border with Portugal, is an industrial city, but it has not forgotten its roots, keeping alive the traditional fishing: Galicia is one of the most important in the world by volume of fish, it is a very populous town, which exceeds 420 thousand souls, and is built around the fjord. Arriving by plane, it is necessary to rely on a vehicle to move in and around the city and RentalUp give you an opportunity to take advantage of a cheap rental car at the airport in Vigo, move and travel comfortably without being tied to the schedules of public transport.

    Vigo and its suburbs: visit is a must

    VigoTaking a hire car at the airport in Vigo, in 5 minutes you can reach the city, famous for being an important cultural Spanish has a university and several museums, including Verbum, the museum dedicated to forms of communication and Marco, the museum of contemporary art. From the port of Vigo you can also reach the archipelago of the Cies Islands, well known and included some of the most famous magazines, including the most beautiful places in the world. Going north, after about 30km and less than 20 minutes drive, you will reach Pontevedra, Galician center of great historical and artistic interest: the roots of this city are lost during the Roman era, when it was founded the first town, which during the medieval period witnessed a remarkable development, one of the restored Roman bridges in the Middle Ages is still used for the transit of vehicles and pedestrians. Continuing to the north, after about 90 km by car to reach Santiago de Compostela, world famous for being the destination point of the famous Christian pilgrimage, and in 1985, together with the city, has been named UNESCO World Heritage Site . the pilgrims through France and Spain to reach the shrine of Santiago de Compostela, where would the remains of James the Greater.

    Sea, beach and relaxation this is Vigo

    Coast of VigoIf you are interested in a purely maritime tourism, renting a car at the airport in Vigo through the site, in less than half an hour you can reach Praia das Catedrais, one of the most popular beaches of Galicia, in the town of Ribadeo. Its distinctive feature is the huge rocks that lie on the sand, and with the constant action of the Atlantic Ocean have been dug up to become real strings, which are vaguely reminiscent of the architecture of Gothic cathedrals.By contrast conformation beaches in the Corrubedo, about 90 km from Vigo, which are characterized by high sand formations, which move the beach dunes with elegant sloping towards the sea.Continuing to the north, you reach Cabo Fisterra, for the Romans marked the end of the known world and is located along the Coast of Death, so called because of the many shipwrecks that have occurred over time. If you wante to go to Portugal, taking the rental car at the airport of Vigo, in less than 100 km and an hour and a half by car you arrive in Viana do Castelo, a small town middle-class, world famous for the its striking architecture, the iron bridge into the city, it is the work of Gustave Eiffel, the same man who designed the eponymous tower in Paris.