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    Car rental in La Rioja - Hire cars in La Rioja

     is a province and autonomous community of northern Spain. Its capital is Logroño, where in September there is the famous festival of the harvest. Other cities in the region are: Calahorra, Arnedo, Haro, San Asensio and Nájera.

    To visit this charming region of Spain, you can rent a car in Rioja, a convenient service that with just a few clicks, you will rent your vehicle to discover the best places in this beautiful region.

    The history of La Rioja

    La RiojaLa Rioja has its roots in the history of disputes between the King of Navarre and those of Castile, and only in 1173, this community was admitted to Castile. Visiting this place is extremely important, especially for who want satisfy the palate, in fact this place is famous not only for its food, but especially for the wine and the local wineries they give to all visitors the opportunity to taste famous local wines. Thanks to rental cars, you cross the flat plains filled with vineyards and you can safely stop at the wineries and stay in one of the many farms in the area that will offer local specialties.

    The characteristic places in La Rioja

    Santo Domingo de la CalzadaAguilar del Río Alhama for example, it is characterized by fabulous baths dating back to Roman times and there you will find beautiful places surrounded by gardens and terraces. Also in the region of La Rioja, find Aldeanueva de Ebro that provides dream hotel, located in strategic places from which you can easily navigate to inspect the beautiful and artistic corners . Not least is Santo Domingo de la Calzada, is the destination of many pilgrims going to Santiago, who willingly stop to visit this town that has the nice feature, to have a curious biscuits with the shaped of hen. The legend tells that in fact two parents pilgrims went to recover the body of their son who was unjustly hanged, because accused of a theft he did not commit, but instead, found alive and well and the governor at the time, saying that was a miracle, the boy was alive as the roasted chicken that was going to eat and instead began suddenly to sing. From this incident arose the custom to bake cakes in the shape of chicken. The car rental of the Rioja region, proposed by, offers numerous options for new cars and best brands with the ability to choose the car according to your specific needs