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    Hiring a car in Murcia - Car rental in Murcia

    MurciaTo Rent a car in Murcia is a very important need for all the tourists who stop off in the Spanish city.

    This is the service provided by RentalUprent a car in Murcia, it is possible to rely on a personal car that ensures rapid movements and fast in any area of the city, including the suburbs.

    Murcia: tradition and culture are intertwined

    Monuments in MurciaCapital of the region of the same name, Murcia is a city rich in tradition practically divided in two: on one side the old part, with the cultural heritage (Arab and Christian at the same time), still being deeply, on the other hand, the the modern architectural structures with new and complex buildings. Built on the banks of the Segura river of extraordinary beauty, Murcia is appreciated for the natural landscapes often remain unspoilt. If you arrived by plane and do not know how to start your tour, there is the possibility of renting a car at the airport of Murcia to arrive in the area where is located the Cathedral. This is the jewel of the city, marked the perfect marriage between the Gothic, baroque and Renaissance style. On the whole, stands the Door of the Apostles, or - in the original language - Puerta de los Apostoles. After that, you must will stoped to Salzillo Museum, where you can admire, among other things, the different processional statues made by Salzillo, famous sculptor of Murcia, which are carried in procession every year on the morning of Holy Friday. And yet, in your car, you can visit via Traperia and so Plateria, calles the realm of leisure and shopping, but also by Vidrieros, in the historic center. Once in the Plaza de las flores, then you can enjoy the classic tapas, but also Chirretes, a delicious fried fish, the Cazon, the dogfish, or Zarangollo, a traditional dish made from zucchini and eggs .

    The historical center: the heart of the city

    City of MurciaGoing back in the car, then you may remove slightly from the historical center and reach La Nora, location device in which stand the fantastic Medieval wheels. It is clear, then, that between the kitchen, artistic tradition, religious buildings and shop windows, Murcia is a city that deserves to be visited by whom he traveled to Spain. There is no better way to visit a place with a car rental that allows you to go on far and wide, exploring the less known corner, crossing roads and paths, meeting people and scents of a land so beautiful. I mean, who want a low cost car rental in Murcia can only refer to RentaslUp, which offers all its expertise and competence. Why rely on good luck trusting that the public transport are late or do not strike? Very best to make sure a vehicle at your disposal without any time restrictions or routes.