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    Car rental Navarre - Hire car in Navarre

    Navarre, located in northern Spain on the border with France, is a region that has a independent history since the ninth century AD, and in that time it was born the Kingdom of Navarre, which remained independent until the end of 800. Our starting point for discovering Navarre is its capital, Pamplona.

    Pamplona and ensierro

    PamplonaOnce landed, thanks to RentalUp will not have difficulty getting a rental car at the Airport Pamplona and begin our journey. About the origins of the city date back to the ancient Romans, it was founded in 75 BC. How many Spanish cities, underwent a series of domination by the Visigoths and the Arabs, before being reconquered by the Christian kings. Not all cities are, however, managed to maintain such a clear distinction between the modern and the medieval city, while creating a harmonious union of these two souls. Pamplona is famous worldwide for the San Fermíno festival, which takes place in July, on this occasion, it takes place the Ensierro, the running of the bulls chasing the participants along the streets of the ancient city.

    Pamplona is located along the historic path that leads pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, which is why in the surrounding area you can find many places of hospitality and devotion. However, we will need to hire a car in Pamplona we can then move to nearby villages and find traces of the pilgrims.

    Tudela and Ribera

    Bardenas RealesMoving to South, we enter a flat region: La Ribera. The most important city in this area is Tudela, in the past, cultured and calm, in this heavily industrialized. Historically, the city has seen a peaceful coexistence between Christians, Jews and Muslims, which is reflected in its architecture. To admire the Cathedral, built on an ancient mosque, and the Castle Ruiz. At the end of July, the city hosts the Feast of St. Anne, lively party which expresses the spirit of the extrovert and goliardic Tudelani.

    Concluded the festivities, it is worth hiring a car to visit the Tudela Bardenas, a large semi-desert area full of rock formations growing from erosion, which in 2000 was declared a "Biosphere Reserve" by 'UNESCO. The Bardenas, despite their inhospitable nature, are dotted with villages devoted mainly to agriculture and farming, which in recent years have, however, been able to create some tourist activity. In these desert lands used in the past refuge bandits and fugitives, today, are appreciated by hikers and lovers of extreme sports, although these activities are strictly regulated.