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    cheap Car Rentals Valencia airport - Car rental Valencia Airport

    Valencia AirportValencia, the main town of eastern Spain, is the third largest city of the Iberian country of both the number of inhabitants and economic importance and cultural relevance.The population living within the municipality comes almost eight hundred thousand inhabitants, while the urban area home to nearly one million eight hundred thousand people.The city of Valencia is visited annually by millions of people, staying in the capital of the Valencian Community for work, study or tourism.The best transport to reach the city - whether you are coming from abroad and who come from one of the other "comunidades" Spanish - is without a doubt the plane.

    Valencia Airport: a unique comfort to visit the Community Valencian

    ValenciaValencia Airport, opened in 1934, offers a daily connections with major European cities, as well as a number of domestic flights that lead to other major cities of the Iberian Peninsula (including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and the Canary Islands).In the past year have passed more than five million visitors to the airport of Valencia-Manises, thanks to the presence of several low-cost airlines that use the airport as a base for their flights.After landing at the airport of Valencia, the best way to reach the city center is to rent a car at a low cost car rental agencies inside the terminal dedicated to arrivals.The airport from the city center of Valencia is in fact less than ten miles, and therefore the best choice is to contact a car rental agency present at the airport of Valencia.Rent a car at the airport of Valencia also allows travelers to quickly and easily reach the other centers of the Valencian Community Castellon de la Plana is about fifty miles from the airport, Alicante approximately one hundred and seventy, and it is necessary to arrive at Elche less than two hundred km from the airport of Valencia.

    The connections with Barcelona and Madrid

    City of ValenciaEven Barcelona or Madrid can be reached in a few hours: the distance between Valencia from the capital of Catalunya is about three hundred and fifty kilometers, and is equal to the distance between the city and Madrid.In a country like Spain, where public transport can sometimes be limited, the choice of renting a car can be successful.It can often be cheaper anyway - also to avoid communication problems or long waits at the counter - be wise to book a car before the start of your journey.

    By pre-booking your car hire at the airport of Valencia you can avoid long waits to collect the car, guaranteeing at the same time the class of vehicle you want. Booking before you start your trip your car rental at the airport of Valencia-Manises you can immediately pick up your vehicle required in the garage of the car rental company, and continue so in a few minutes to the desired destination.