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    ValenciaValencia is one of the most famous places in Spain. Beauty, historic charm and modern character are all enclosed in this little corner of paradise so appreciated by countless tourists who coming every year in various hotels if the city.

    Valencia: where urban and history meet

    Monuments in ValenciaAlthough the town is only third in Spanish territory for density of population, it is interesting to note that it is probably the most advanced in terms of technological progress. Valencia is like a little oasis that welcomes innovation in all its forms but not forgetting the roots on which it stands. Once you land, you can rent a car at the airport of Valencia.

    RentalUp offers the opportunity to explore the best Valencian alleys and all that they offer. If your ideal itinerary also includes car rental in Valencia you can start to visit the main monuments in the area: it has in fact the presence of numerous museums that deal with very specific issues such as Enlightenment, Science Technology before moving to real its exhibitions focus on art exhibitions Valencia. Nothing could be more charming! The Cathedral of Santa Maria is another place of interest located in an easily accessible location. For those who were not particularly attracted to historic buildings and / or religious, we note the presence of a huge city market ,it is one of the main sources attractions of Valencia downtown. Obviously, the city receives and offers to all those who travel by plane and arrive in this beautiful city, and would like to visit it, the opportunity to rent a car at Valencia airport.

    The culinary traditions of Valencia

    Wonderful Paella in ValenciaWe should not forget the culinary side, of fundamental importance to the citizens of Valencia. The dish par excellence is surely the paella: it will include all the flavors that the city itself is able to offer, from its direct contact with the sea up to a finer relationship with Mother Earth. A unique mix of flavors, just like the one that characterizes this city full of charm. RentalUp is available to the customer for a car rental service; it is simple and easy: if you need a valid means to achieve one of the many restaurants in the area, for sure you will not be disappointed by the service.

    Valencia: a city dedicated to sport

    City of ValenciaAs they say, you do not live by bread alone in this life: Valencia is realized in the sport of football and the Grand Prix Formula 1 and motorcycle world. Nourish the spirit is just as important and the Spaniards seem to have understood this perfectly, as the city boasts two official teams and countless sub-league they compete promising stars of the modern game. The stages used for individual challenges are of course open to the public and easily accessible thanks to the incredible network of offer.