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    Hire a car in Sweden - Low cost car rental in Sweden

    Sweden is a country that is having the biggest tourism development in Europe, with a number of European and not only that choose it as their holiday destination, it is a very rich country, where the tourist finds fun, but in which there 'is also the opportunity to relax in nature made of Swedish forests untouched. Despite being one of the largest countries in Europe, Sweden, because of its geographical position and morphology is sparsely populated, except for the big cities where a large part of the Swedish population. With the opening of new air routes, especially low cost, Sweden has been made more accessible by renting a car and taking advantage of the services offered by RentalUp, discovering it will become a real pleasure.

    The Swedish capital Stockholm

    StockholmStockholm is a city that in recent years have experienced greater development, and its origin dates back to the Vikings for a period of time was Danish colony. For who arriving by plane, RentalUp, offers the possibility of renting a car at low cost airport Stockholm-Arlanda, from where you can easily reach the city center. From the point of view of monumental Stockholm is rich in places of interest, some even joined the World Heritage, as the Drottningholm Palace, the residence just outside the city belonging to the Swedish royal family dating back to the seventeenth century, are worthy of Note also the Stockholms slott, the palace of the Kings in the city, also dating to the late seventeenth century, or the Riddarholmskyrkan, a symbol of the city of Churches, founded as a mausoleum for the royal and remain in the religious sphere is particularly interesting to visit the church of San Giacomo, in a single structure that encloses the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. The city is rich in museums, such as architecture rather than oriental antiques or the Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to modern sculptures with paintings and photographs are also several museums dedicated to the Swedish navy. In Stockholm every year, then, there is the celebrated delivery of the Nobel Prizes.

    To eat, however, there are restaurants adjacent to the high-class taverns, but where is the common denominator in fish, which the Swedes are crazy, and the dish in Stockholm is the Gravlax,  _ the salmon marinated in salt and sugar that is plated with a side of boiled potatoes, or Surstromming ,  fermented herring. For who loves shopping, Stockholm has much to offer and thanks to the high standard of living achieved in recent years, there are the boutiques of the most important names in the fashion world joined the department stores and shopping centers, such as the Drottninggatan where you can find any kind of leader you want to buy. The night, however, you can have fun in the neighborhood of Stureplan where there is the largest nightclub in Stockholm, Södermalm or you can delight listening to a selection of great music in the Pet Sounds Bar, enjoying even those are regarded as the best drinks in Stockholm.

    Malmö and other Swedish cities

    Malmohus CastleMoving from Stockholm and going south west you come to Malmö, large industrial and third largest city founded as a fortified port under the control of the Danish monarchy, being built only to Sweden in the seventeenth century. It is a multiracial city, as all the rest of Sweden, very young and alive, animated by different cultures that come together to create lively exchanges that make Malmö one of the most interesting of the entire northern Europe. The city a few years ago is even connected to Copenhagen with a 16 km long bridge. Among the city's major monuments are worthy of mention Malmohus Castle, dating back to 1400 and still perfectly maintained and the church perhaps more evocative of the city, S. Petri, dating back to 1300, built in Gothic style and guardian of spectacular frescoes. For those fans of the genre, however, do not miss the windmill Slottsmollan, then there are many structures with architectural importance, such as the previously mentioned bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark, Øresundsbron, or the tallest skyscraper in Sweden, according to in Europe as the height with regard to the buildings which include within them civil dwellings, the Turning Torso. Among the museums, to signal the museum of modern art, and particularly well with a wide international collection includes all of the twentieth century. For his vocation multiracial in Malmö are among the most varied culinary cultures, especially in the district of Möllevångstorget, the historic city center, but in summer you can have a new experience and enjoy a typical meal at the Swedish, or choosing the fish directly from the speakers with ice and serving at the table with butter, dill and horseradish in one of the local Lilla Torg.

    For shopping, there are over 800 shops throughout the city to choose an item of clothing or where to buy a souvenir to take home to return from the trip, especially in the historic district of the city and in the market place, where holds a flea market place to find unique objects of design or a brand new area, the Davidshall, home to vintage shops.

    Among the most important events in Malmö, you can undoubtedly enter the Malmöfestivalen, held in August and animates the city with dozens of free concerts in different areas and it lasts a week, while for lovers of nightlife, in the center there are plenty of traditional pubs and discos where out late, numerous trendy are also scattered between the two main squares: Lilla Torg and Startarget. To visit the Malmö Brygghus, a former chocolate today one of the most fashionable brewery. Just north of Malmö is located in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city, famous for its great musical tradition of symphony; particularly noticeable the trips into the city with tourist boats. Going to Stockholm, instead, you get to Uppsala, famous for its university and its cathedral, in Gothic style, one of the largest in Northern Europe.