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    car rental stockholm arlanda airport - stockholm airport car rental

    Airport of stockholmRentalUp is the best solution for who need a cheap car rental at the airport Arlanda of Stockholm : a complete and reliable service, characterized by a fleet of high-level, able to meet any requirement from customers. I mean, who arrives in the Swedish capital by plane and need a way to move independently in the city can ask help to RentalUp, which guarantees a low cost car rental at the airport Stockholm Arlanda.

    Stockholm, the Swedish capital

    StockholmIt is worth to point out, moreover, that Stockholm is definitely a city that deserves a visit from top to bottom, discovering glimpses of less famous, but no less beautiful. A tour of the city could take on, for example, from Gamla Stan, which is the heart of the old town. Streets extraordinary, as Kopmangatan, Osterlanggatan and Vasterlanggatan seem to report directly back to medieval times, and craft shops and bars are characterized by a very special housewife. Once in the main square of the old city, Stortotget, you can admire the Swedish National Cathedral, opposite of which is the Nobel Museum, which is the interactive museum dedicated to all who from the beginning of the twentieth century were awarded the Nobel Prize . Continuing to the west, you'll pass the House of Nobility, Riddarhuset to reach the Island of the Knights, Riddarholmen. In the church of Riddarholmenskyrkan found the bodies of Swedish Royalty, while behind you can see the view of the lake Malaren.

    The modern part and the surroundings of Stockholm

    view of stockholmOnce got on in the car, you can move in the modern area of the city, especially in neighborhoods and Norrmalm Ostermalm. Here you will find bars, restaurants and cinemas, but especially the Kulturhuset, a cultural center located in Sergels Torg from which you can admire the entire city. It should be noted, moreover, that Stockholm is a land of museums for excellence: think, for example, to Medelhaysmuseet, dedicated to the civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Near East, or the National Museum, dedicated to the design and art. Drawing on a rental car, you can even think of outside the capital, and move slightly in the suburbs: perhaps to admire the Palace of Drottingholm, located seven miles from the center: a place not to be missed, a UNESCO World Heritage humanity. Place of culture, art and entertainment, Stockholm reveals, in short, a place that should be explored as possible, with attention and curiosity, trying not to miss any detail or particular.

    It is clear, in conclusion, that the rental car at the airport Arlanda of Stockholm , RentalUp ensures the highest quality, the result of professionalism and experience established over time. Why not take advantage of an excellent service at a reduced price?