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    car rental in stockholm - car hire stockholm

    StockholmStockholm, capital of Sweden, has always been a popular destination for who love peace and Swedish style. Hire a low cost car in Stockholm could be the solution for all  tourists who want to immediately leave for the city, to travel independently and without the stress of public transport.

    Stockholm, a city full of attractions for all tastes

    city of StockholmAmong the first monuments in which we encounter is definitely the Castle of Stockholm, is the residence of the King of Sweden as well as other members of the royal family, there are as 568 homes. The building has an extension of 120 square meters, not including the two wings of 50 meters, it is the Italian Baroque style and was erected in 1500, visited by thousands of tourists every day, the event that most of all being photographed is the changing of the watch while the interior is definitely the most crowded museum (which houses works Average age to the present day). Another important site is the Vasa Museum, this is about a Swedish ship that sank in 1660 (note that Vasa). In the museum are reproduced statues and part of the ship, they represent tritons, mermaids and other mythical creatures sea, the colors are obviously strong and brilliant in line with tradition. It is impossible to mention the home of the "House of Culture in Stockholm", we are talking about a building dating back to the settante and French-style "Pompidou", it is located in the central square of Sergels Torg and also hosts, in this case a wide variety of museums. For arriving by plane in the Swedish city, thanks to is possile hiring a low cost car at the airport Arlanda of Stockholm-, saving time and money by being able to book online.

    Among the main attractions of Stockholm there are concerts of classical music, moving with the comfort of your low cost rental car , you can visit the Konserthuset, it is the home of concerts and they are staged wonderful performances of "Royal Stockolm Philharmonc Orchestra" . Among the attractions that most interest of all the tourists there are "bridges" that connect the various parts of the city, Stockholm covered an area of fourteen islands and were built 57 bridges. In short, it is like going through a fantasy world, the gleam of trembling Swedish town atmosphere combined with the tranquility and harmony of nature. We conclude with its own nature, you can visit in this capital of Europe, certainly one of the most beautiful parks of the old continent: Ekoparken. It is the first urban nature park and the charm of this place depends precisely on the above contrast between man and nature, the light blue / blue water and the green of the park give a unique charm to this place, it is vital for the city as it also acts as a large and very efficient lung.

    Where go to do some shopping in Stockholm

    have fun in stockholmStockholm is also well known for fun "trendy" that offers its visitors, one of the most "chic" of the city is the "Mosbacke", is known for organizing theme parties every night style changes and consequently the music . The place where everyone wants to go when they arrive in the Scandinavian capital is definitely the Icebar Stokholm: it is a bar made entirely with the Latvian ice, the temperature is consistently below zero degrees (-5 ° to be precise), but the people who attended can not think of the cold, the fun is guaranteed. For who love to spend the night at the disco can go towards the Sturplan neighborhood, close to downtown, here is the larger drive across the city and you can dance until dawn.

    Stockholm is also rich in department stores where there are many small shops where even the lazy ones, can have a good time. The most important is to Drottninggatan and specializes in clothing, but there are also shops that sell all kinds of items. The most luxurious and selective is the "Nordiska Kompainet", it is located in Hamngatan and is a department store where the prices are prohibitive for someone. The streets are full of other shopping centers, you do not need to know the area, the windows are everywhere. In short, the Swedish city has so much to offer and you will enjoy every corner of the city with the comfort of your low cost rental car in Stockholm.