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    Zurich Kloten Airport Car Rental

    Zurich – Kloten Airport is the most important one in Switzerland and is considered among the best ones in Europe and flagship of the whole of Switzerland. Moreover, it is in a strategic position: you can, indeed, reach Zurich city centre thanks to the rental car booked thanks to the service offered by RentalUp and picked up directly at the airport, driving only 13 km.

    The idea of its construction began to circulate at the end of the First World War, when the Helvetic political authorities realized that there was the necessity of equipping Zurich with an airport for goods traffic. The idea was set aside because of the outbreak of the Second World War, but, when the war was over, the idea of equipping Zurich with an international civil airport materialised. The construction of the airport started in 1946 and ended in 1948.

    Nowadays, the airlines working here are many: among them, we can mention Swiss International Air Line, that grants connections to various cities of the world, such as Berlin, and EasyJet, that connects the city to London and Amsterdam.

    Zurich Airport Car Rental

    Zurich: points of interest

    Once landed in Zurich – Kloten Airport and picked the rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, the tour of the city, which is among the most interesting ones in Switzerland, can start. The vacation must start with a walk to admire the lake of Zurich, true oasis of peace and green and one of the symbols of the city.

    The next stop is Niederdorf: for those who did not know, it is one of the most suggestive districts in the whole of Zurich, thanks to its buildings dating back to the Middle Age.

    For those who love shopping, Bahnhofstrasse is an unmissable stop: it is not only the way of the shopping, but also a part of Zurich rich in palaces dating back to the Neoclassical age, and so it is very fascinating to be photographed.

    Having the possibility to exploit the car rental service at Zurich Airport, you can visit the city in complete freedom: a particular city, thanks also to the presence of many fountains. Currently, in Zurich there are 1224 of them, some of which are true artworks. It is enough to think of the Winzerbrunnen, which really deserves to be photographed.

    The Opera House of Zurich is also very interesting; certainly, it is not at the same level of other buildings of the same type that are in many other European countries, but, anyway, it is worth a visit outside and inside, because it is characterised by a very interesting structure from an architectonical point of view.

    Panorama of Zurich

    Zurich: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Zurich Airport will allow you to better plan your days and to visit many points of interest, also far from each other.

    That said, we must underline how Zurich has a significant offer of museums and worship houses. With regard to the museums, the National Museum of Zurich is among the most important ones: considering the data, it is the most visited cultural place in the whole of Switzerland. It is characterised by various temporary exhibitions, but its highlight is the permanent exhibition about the history of the Helvetic country.

    Another museum that deserves to be visited is the FIFA World Football Museum. It is a very interesting museum for those who love football but not only, where you can discover the history of what is considered “the most beautiful game in the world”.

    If you would like to take a break, after having devoted your time to the visit of two museums, continuing to take advantage of the car rental service atZurich Airport, you can visit the church of Saint Peter, the most ancient church of the whole city. Once inside, you will have the possibility to admire various frescos, but its highlight is surely the belfry.

    Another house of worship, symbol of Zurich, is the Water Church, so called because, according to the historical sources, it was build where, in the past, an old fluvial shrine stood.

    Lastly, returning to speak about museums, it is worth to find time to visit the Kunsthaus Zürich (the house of art of Zurich), another one of the museums that make the city a great tourist destination among the Helvetic ones. Here you can admire historical findings from the Middle Age to nowadays.

    A very important section of this museum is dedicated to the Swiss art and, therefore, who would like to discover more about the Helvetic art cannot miss to visit this cultural centre, which houses also works by world-famous artists, such as Munch and De Chirico, just to mention a pair of names.

    National Museum of Zurich