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    Rent a car in Turkey - Economic car rentals in Turkey

    Turkey fascinating land, a crossroads of cultures and traditions, is a country rich in history and art that has given rise to great civilizations. It 's really advisable to hire a car at low cost prices in Turkey, having the opportunity and convenience of setting your own itineraries independently and without the stress of public transportation.

    Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city

    IstanbulThe ancient names of Byzantium and Constantinople they understand the eventful past of the great Istanbul. Hiring a low cost Car in Istanbul is the perfect starting point to visit the beautiful palaces, mosques, churches and museums. In the old town, parks and gardens, stand the Topkapi Palace, residence of the royal and opulent Ottoman Sultan, the ancient cathedral of St. Sophia, with a huge dome and the Blue Mosque with its six minarets, unique in the world.For shopping and entertainment we must go into the Grand Bazaar, the nerve center of trade town, where you can indulge in spending and find products of all kinds. Here there are hotels to suit all needs and numerous restaurants offering Turkey cuisine with its intense aromas. Finally we can not forget the turkish bath, a memorable experience in the famous hamman.The most famous and ancient Istanbul is the historic Galatasaray.

    The Turkish metropolis is well served by two airports on which fly all the most important companies in the world. The Atatürk airport, located about 23 km west of Istanbul, is the largest in Turkey and is reached by a number of international flights from the Middle East, Europe and the United States.The other call the Sabiha Gokcen Airport, located about 35 km southeast of Istanbul, recently built, is used to meet the significant increase in air traffic to the city.

    Rent a low cost Car in both airports of Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen airport, allows you to have a car to moving quickly just arrived in Turkey.

    Ankara, the capital

    ankaraThe city of Ankara, the official capital, modern and open to the future, however, has ancient origins of which there are many archaeological finds from the Roman period located in the old Citadel (Hisar).

    In this place, where there are many restaurants with traditional dishes and local wines, a visit is the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which presents works from the Paleolithic to the Roman period.

    Ankara, which started the rescue, in the '20s, against the sultans led by President Ataruk, is to see, on a hill, the Mausoleum of Ataruk, the "Father of the Fatherland", an imposing building with exposures with the life of turkish President. For fun, in addition to several parks where you can spend relaxing moments in the Turkish capital, there are plenty of nightclubs and discos. Kinacilar Bar, with good music along with quality drinks, Sherlock Holmes a sparkling environment dedicated to young people, are some of the locals to spend joyful moments until the early hours of the morning.Located 35 km north of Ankara, is the airport of Esenboga, the most important airport of the city, with all the services.

    Hire a low cost Car at the Airport Esenboga of Ankara allows you to move independently and ease.

    Antalya, a city on the sea

    waterfall in antalyaCity dedicated to tourism, Antalya, with its location on the coast of the Mediterranean, gives the benefit of a good climate and the benefits of the sea. The old town is surrounded by ancient walls with the mighty Hadrian's Gate, the Round Tower and the Roman Archaeological Museum. To the north of the town is the well-preserved aqueduct, showing the ancient Roman civilization that characterizes the city. For the most part, the town, which covers the Eastern traditionare recall the famous mosques Kesik Minare Yivli Minare and Hidirlik Kulesi. To visit the Turkish coast in this area, it is very desirable to take a rental car in Antalya. The bazaars Turkish Antalya, there are excellent opportunities for shopping. Of particular interest, along with classical carpets, porcelain is characterized by designs of Kutahya with concentric circles and artistic motifs in blue, white, green and crimson.

    Even for this city is very convenient hire a low cost car at the airport of Antalya, which thanks to RentalUp, you can have available car at competitive prices.