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    car rental istanbul - car hire istanbul

    history of IstanbulIstanbul, a city located in the northwestern part of Turkey and divided by the Bosphorus River, is characterized by a strong cosmopolitan personality and it is considered, by most people who have had the good fortune to visit it, a magical city and really unique . Istanbul boasts a great historical and cultural baggage that has allowed this megalopolis to reach the beauty and charm that today possesses: the Roman Empire, in fact, Istanbul passes to the Byzantine Empire and, later, to the Latin, to get to the Ottoman Empire from which it takes the name of Constantinople, becoming one of the largest cities of the Christian religion.

    Istanbul, the magical city

    the magical city of IstanbulIstanbul will not disappoint from the cultural point of view: the many architectural constructions , both dating back to the Byzantine period that empire, even if they are still visible smaller buildings of the Roman Empire. Of note the Palace Topkap?, Built in 1453 and home of several sultans until the mid-nineteenth century (the last to live there was Muhammad), the structure is very large, consisting of several buildings and gardens, including the Hall of the Imperial Council , the rooms of the Blessed Deposit, the Kiosk of Baghdad, the Justice Tower and the Harem. Do not miss, then, Dolmabahçe Palace, the imperial residence from the second half of the nineteenth century, which stands out for its European flair. As regards, however, the religious buildings, to report Aya Sofya, or Church of the Divine Wisdom, a magnificent example of the Christian church, converted into a mosque in 1453 after the fall of Constantinople. Features, Blue Mosque, named for ceramics? Znik that line the inside, and the Fatih Mosque, turkish-Islamic built. To conclude the tour, try the Bosphorus Cruise, which takes you from the European to the Asian containing. Once in the aircraft in the Turkish city, RentalUp, lets take a low cost rental car at the airport of Ataturk, saving time and money, being able to visit Istanbul in comfort and autonomy.

    Nightlife, shopping and food in Istanbul

    shopping in IstanbulIstanbul is not only a cultural visit, but it is a city that can give you strong emotions even at night in Beyo? Lu, in fact, you can find plenty of bars, nightclubs and restaurants, one better than the other, as well as Ortaköy and long? stiklal Caddesi, especially from Thursday evening.


    Also many local markets scattered around the city that will satisfy the needs of any shopper: carpets, textiles, jewelry, crafts and ceramics. To note the Kapal? Car? (Grand Bazaar), one of the largest and typical of Istanbul. must say, Istanbul is a city of many resources and so many flavors to suit every taste and for any economic opportunity: here you can taste the oriental cuisine to the most western, until real dishes of vegetables, fish or meat. From Asitane you can taste typical dishes of the Ottoman cuisine, such as roast lamb.If you also want to visit this beautiful city, absolutely recommended to take a scheduled flight from Italy and, thanks to RentalUp, take advantage of the low cost car rental service to Sabiha Gokcen Airport: This will allow you to easily turn Istanbul how you like it.